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Review: The Apocalypse Gene by Suki Michelle

The Apocalypse Gene
By Suki Michelle
Published: November 15, 2011
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From Goodreads: Global pandemic is raging. Olivya Wright-Ono's once loving home has been converted to a hospice for the dying. Her ability to see auras forces her to witness, with agonizing detail, the vibrant colors of life consumed by malignancy. The beautiful and troubled, Mikah, is an elite Empath in the ancient Kindred clan, led by the brooding, ever-morphing, monster named Prime. Mikah has learned a terrible truth . . . the plague is linked to Kindred origins. When Olivya sees evidence of disease creeping into her mother's aura, she has no one to turn to but Mikah. Can he unearth the Kindred secrets and find a cure?Can she trust this boy whose power allows him to manipulate her very emotions? With her mother's life, and that of the world, in the balance, Olivya and Mikah embark on a quest to stop the Pandemic, only to discover it is far, far more than a mere disease . . .

My Thoughts:

The description of The Apocalypse Gene made me want to read it immediately. Sometimes it’s better not to go on just that. I had a hard time adjusting to the world that Olivya lived in and couldn’t finish reading the book.

People were sickly and dying and apparently the world was not the same as it was before. I got the vibe that there was more unemployment and homelessness because of the technology that didn’t need actual people working, but I don’t see how after a global pandemic there’s such widespread technology. I’m not saying it isn’t plausible, it is fiction, and after all, whatever a writer writes doesn’t have to make sense. I just couldn’t sympathize with Olivya, whose only means of survival was helping her mother run a hospice or lose their home, when she had those privileges of a cell phone and virtual school, etc. I couldn’t put two and two together: lavish technology and living in fear of sickness, death, and homelessness.

Besides not wrapping my brain around that, I didn’t really like Olivya. She was rude, and she wondered why she had no friends. I wouldn’t be her friend based on her attitude, not the freaky supernatural power she had.

I wouldn’t recommend this book , mostly because I didn’t really get it and I was not impressed with the characters or their world. The uniqueness of the plot is a plus but not enough for me to finish reading.


  1. Well, that just sucks. Sorry you didn't enjoy it. I guess I will not be checking this one out.

  2. Ah! guess I won't be buying this one then...


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