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{Review} Mayne Attraction: In the Spotlight by Ann Mauren

In the Spotlight #1
By: Ann Mauren
Published: May 3, 2010
Source/Format: Amazon/Kindle

After a foiled abduction attempt, Ellery Mayne realizes that an entire security detail has been shadowing her every move, protecting her from danger she didn’t know she was in. Working to uncover the secrets behind her elusive watchers, she carefully conducts her own surveillance, testing the limits of professionals who think she is clueless about them. Though they are hard to spot, their loyalty and care for her is not. When she finds a way to declare her feelings for one of her guards, he is blindsided with joy but fearful that his team will lose its lucrative security contract because of his relationship with the mark they’ve all come to love.

As secrets to the identity and intentions of the team’s mysterious employer begin to unravel, Ellery’s deeply buried affections resurface and battle with the love and loyalty she feels for her security team and her new love. Searching for answers and conscious that her choices will impact loved ones and guardian angels alike, Ellery finds that her life is ‘In The Spotlight’ and she is the ‘Mayne Attraction.’

My Thoughts:
Ellery Mayne starts feeling eyes on her after the death of her grandfather. Instead of staying home, scared, Ellery decides to figure out the mystery behind her paranoia. In a series of experiments designed to test her theory, Ellery discovers that she’s being tailed by a security team. She may or may not be in danger, but the last thing she expects is to fall in love with a pair of unseen eyes. Ellery is an innocent character, and it’s hard to remember her age because of her thinking process. She looks at most things in her life, such as friendship, like she never had the chance in all her 18 years to experience them. It’s an endearing trait and makes Ellery’s ultimate decision at the conclusion of the story, to understand who she is, an interesting turn of events.

Even though Ellery is described as na├»ve and clueless, it should be said that she has bouts of maturity. Having a relationship with an older man doesn’t make her seem mature, but the way their relationship begins and unfolds and how she handles it that shows where her head is. The age difference is an element of the story that’s rare in young adult fiction and makes In the Spotlight an attractive read.

The romantic leads of this series will test Ellery’s resolve to be independent. This is a challenge that not many young woman will willingly take. This debut novel gives readers the expectation that all the characters will grow or change throughout the series. In the Spotlight is an enjoyable read and certainly has a way of burrowing itself into the reader’s mind! 

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  1. What a fantastic synopsis, Candace! I like it so much that I may just have to swipe it from you for Spotlight's Amazon page! Seriously!

    Thanks for a fun and thoughtful review and for such a warm introduction to your readers.

    Ann Mauren

    1. Thanks Ann! Glad you like the synopsis, it took me almost forever to get it just right :)


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