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Review: Nothing Else Matters by Leslie DuBois

By: Leslie DuBois
Published: January 18, 2012 by Little Prince Publishing
Source/Format: Purchased/Kindle e-book

When racism tears a school apart, can love put it back together?

As the senior star quarterback of Charleston Preparatory school in South Carolina, Scott Kincaid is poised for a spectacular professional career in sports. Though he and Reyna Lewis have been best friends for six years, between leading Charleston Prep to victory week after week, and seeking the approval of his tyrannical, racist mother, he doesn’t have time to develop anything more with her. But when his once perfect, healthy body is attacked by a debilitating disease, he reevaluates what is important in life. Just when he finally realizes he’s in love with his half black, half Puerto Rican best friend Reyna, a presidential election throws their small private school into racial turmoil. Now it’s up to Scott and Reyna to unify their school and their city. But it just might cost them their new-found relationship.

My Thoughts:

Nothing Else Matters is a story you don't want to miss reading. Interracial relationships in YA isn't as prevalent as I would like it to be, but I have to say the stories that are out there can't compare to Nothing Else Matters.

Ms. DuBois has written a story that doesn't let you go the moment you start reading. I was really able to understand Scott's precarious situation and I wished I could swoop through the book to help him out. His mother was pure evil and I'm surprised she wasn't put in an asylum! Reyna was just one of a kind. Always forgiving, helping the people around her constantly, she deserved so much more than fate what gave her. 

Many events in the story were believable and I could see happening back in 2008, the year the story is set. On the other hand, some character interactions I just couldn't wrap my head around. For instance, Reyna's father was just a little to lax about certain actions Reyna and Scott took. Even Scott's mom sort of gave him free rein in the things he did outside of sports. I'm sure parents are like that in real life somewhere, but it didn't feel as though I was reading an authentic parent-child interaction.

Through all the twist and turns of love and loss, I found Nothing Else Matters to be truly enjoyable. Tackling issues of racism among other teen concerns, like sports, relationships, and college, was absolutely brilliant! I recommend this story to all readers and those looking for a change in scenery with a light interracial YA romance.

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  1. What a nice review. This books sounds great & like it could teach a life lesson without being preachy about it.
    TY for the gr8 review & for another book added to my TBR :)

    1. You're so welcome, glad you enjoyed the review! Thanks for stopping by =]

  2. It sounds absolutely amazing! I cannot wait to start reading it. :) Fantastic review!

    1. Thanks! Enjoy the book :) Let me know what you thought about it, when you get a chance!


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