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{Review} Shadowed Ground by Vicki Keire

Shadowed Ground

The Chronicles of Nowhere #1
By Vicki Keire
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press
Release Date: March 8, 2012
Length: ~35,000 words
Source/Format: NetGalley/eGalley

Shadowed Ground continues the Chronicles of Nowhere novella series, picking up from the cliff-hanger ending of its predecessor, Worlds Burn Through. As she wakes from a poisoned sleep with silver scars across her neck and back, her aunt’s diary may provide the only clues about the creatures of fire that hunt her. Through it, she learns of her own awakening powers, as well as more about Annwyn, the world of her childhood, now burned to ash.

As the world around them becomes increasingly hostile, Chloe and Eliot turn more and more towards each other. As the bonds of trust grow, they must be careful not to tread upon time-honored boundaries: those forbidding Guardians to act on feelings for their Wards. To do so would break the bond, and would leave Chloe unprotected as the pair makes their way to Gray’s Landing, and safety.

My Thoughts:

Shadowed Ground focuses more on Chloe and Eliot as they begin their travel to Greys Landing. The action is just as packed as in Worlds Burn Through and Mrs. Keire manages to keep the story rolling as Ravenwood Manor becomes a hotspot for danger.

From Miranda Burke to Alexander Ravenwood, the characters seem to fall into place. Everyone’s side of the story helps readers see the bigger picture, even though the story is nowhere near over. It’s clever when different periods of the story show the characters facing the same dangers from the Abandoned. They all face the same threats, but at the same time they’re on their own.

It seems that Mrs. Keire has ratcheted emotions in this volume. For example, in Worlds Burn Through I noticed how Alexander and Eliot had really strong emotions, particularly rage. In Shadowed Ground, I see that there’s so much more depth to these hard characters. Alexander is motivated by his love for his sister, even though he loves to defy authority and play the bad boy role. He’s an entirely different person than I thought he’d be. Eliot struggles with his role as Guardian; reading his thoughts and seeing him through Chloe’s eyes shows how difficult his struggle is. Eliot keeps everything inside, but allows bits of anger, confusion, and sadness seep through, making his emotions much more potent. There’s so much that he doesn’t know and his challenge is dealing with the past and keeping himself and Chloe safe.

There’s more to be discovered, about the characters and their individual missions, as the journey continues. Shadowed Ground is proof that The Chronicles of Nowhere will only get better.

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