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10 Days of Falling Kingdom: Beast

Riese: Kingdom Falling

Riese: Kingdom Falling is an upcoming novel from author Greg Cox and published by Simon & Schuster BFYR. It's also a digital mini-series on, created by Ryan Copple, who is also listed as an author for the novel, and Kaleena Kiff! The novel is releasing June 12th and I thought it'd be a great idea to watch the series and blog about each episode until release day. I'm pre-ordering my copy from Amazon so this is a great opportunity for me and everyone else to get acquainted with Riese!

Recap: 10 Days of Kingdom Falling: Prey

Episode 7: Beast


After scanning the town for clues and coming up empty handed, Riese and Fenrir decide that the best plan of action is to sleep silently through the night, and leave in the morning. But the eerie feeling of being watched haunts Riese, and her dreams reflect Vidar's nightmarish quality in vivid detail as she sees her family being murdered, as they were on that fateful day. In her dream as in reality, Riese struggles to save them, but is bound by circumstance to be powerless.

She wakes panting, and sees the ghostly figure of a child skirt by her window. Thinking she may finally have stumbled onto the trail of the missing children, Riese follows the child, but finds herself ensnared by a gang of vapid, zombie-like children. Whatever the Sect had in mind for the stolen babies has turned them into mindless, unfeeling soldiers, and their current target is Riese. As the children encroach on her, Riese must master her heart's wish to save the children, in favor of saving her own life.

Amara is happy to hear of her army's progress on the battlefield, and, although it causes the kingdom great pain of sacrifice, orders a still stronger push to rout out the rebels. Her debriefing is interrupted by a message from the temple: A low priestess by the name of Marlise delivers a message that Trennan's presence is requested. While in the royal chamber, Marlise lets slip that Herrick is in the capitol for a conference at the Sect temple - a fact that was meant to be kept secret from the Empress. Marlise slyly places the blame on Trennan, making it clear that, not only is she jockeying for Trennan's job, but no one - not Trennan, not the Empress - can trust the Sect.
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My Thoughts

Episode 7 of Kingdom Falling, Beast, introduces viewers to new characters. With these new characters, such as the conniving Marlise, we learn that Empress Amara is not as powerful and fearful as she'd like to be. It makes it easy to question why she believes she absolutely has to be the ruler of Eleysia. What are her motives and goals? It doesn't seem like she's really helping her people, so what instigated her rise to power?

Riese is in the deserted city of Vidar and still feels the unknown presence. While waiting out the night Riese recalls haunting memories of her younger brother Arcan. So, we're finally learning specifics regarding Riese's murdered family. As if Riese's memories aren't enough mystery, we finally see what's so creepy about the sleeping city of Vidar.

Children. They're the only inhabitants of Vidar and they're quite...animalistic. They don't speak, but make these strange sounds. The children appear zombie-like and just 'out there'. I wonder how Riese is going to extricate herself from this situation. She's hesitant to fight them, which is understandable because usually kids are cuddly. Beast gives viewers a reason to fear for Riese and the state of the kingdom, almost as if putting burdens on Riese's shoulders that she hasn't yet discovered.

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So? What do you think? If you watch the episode, or have seen it before, tell me your thoughts in the comments section!

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