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10 Days of Kingdom Falling: The Hunt

Riese: Kingdom Falling

Riese: Kingdom Falling is an upcoming novel from author Greg Cox and published by Simon & Schuster BFYR. It's also a digital mini-series on, created by Ryan Copple, who is also listed as an author for the novel, and Kaleena Kiff! The novel is releasing June 12th and I thought it'd be a great idea to watch the series and blog about each episode until release day. I'm pre-ordering my copy from Amazon so this is a great opportunity for me and everyone else to get acquainted with Riese!

Let's begin...

Episode 1: THE HUNT:


In a far-away land, a young princess named Riese is fleeing for her life. The tyrannous religious organization, The Sect, infiltrated her coronation, slaughtered her family and placed the wicked and vengeful Amara on the throne. Amara's rule is tenuous, however: an uprising, led by the fierce and loyal Rand - who knows Riese is alive - is baring its teeth at the unjust rule of The Sect, leaving a bloody path behind them.

Riese's only companion is her wolf, Fenrir, a loyal friend and formidable fighter. Wolves were, under the rule of Riese's family, revered and respected friends and warriors. But, being symbols of the royal family, Amara has ordered them to be eradicated.

Amara has placed her most ruthless hunter on Riese's trail: The half-human, half-machine Herrick. The princess is wounded and exhausted from days of evading the scientifically murderous Herrick. She and Fenrir battle a throng of Herrick's thugs, and narrowly survive. Riese knows she hasn't long to live if she doesn't rest soon. She sends Fenrir into the woods for his own protection and finds a nearby township called Helmkin. She requests entry, but the guard denies her passage, citing their harvest as the excuse for his inhospitality. Riese, however, exhausted past comprehension, collapses on the ground at his feet.

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My Thoughts:

As the first episode in the series, 'The Hunt' gives plenty of information to viewers, especially in less than ten minutes. Because the narrator, actress Amanda Tapping, tells the story during the show there isn't much dialogue between the characters, except for a few phrases to set the tone of the scene, but the action from our heroine, Riese, more than makes up for it.

Riese, played by Christine Chatelain, already makes a deep impression through her character. Determined to survive, she fights with skill and persistence. With her loyal wolf by her side she doesn't show fear when up against the religious fanatics, The Sect, who are chasing her.

Visually, Riese shows exactly what I'd expect a steampunk era to look like. Some character costumes have gears and gizmos attached to them and Riese sports goggles you'd expect to see a pilot wearing.The medieval-like style of fighting, with swords, and clothing style, with cloaks, is prominent. Even the way the characters speak screams old-fashioned.

The map shown between scenes helps illustrate where the next scene will take place. It's a bonus, really, to be able to see how the world in Riese is shaped and how to spell some of the those city names.

Just as with any addicting show, to bring viewers back for the next episode, 'The Hunt' ends with a cliffhanger. Right when the story spikes the adrenaline in your body the credits begin rolling. Thankfully, I enjoyed what I've learned about Riese and what's happening in Eleysia, so far, and I'm not ready to miss out on further excitement!

Watch THE HUNT on Hulu.

So? What do you think? If you watch the episode, or have seen it before, tell me your thoughts in the comments section!

Stay Tuned! Up Next: Episode 2: BIND



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