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10 Days of Kingdom Falling: Prey

Riese: Kingdom Falling

Riese: Kingdom Falling is an upcoming novel from author Greg Cox and published by Simon & Schuster BFYR. It's also a digital mini-series on, created by Ryan Copple, who is also listed as an author for the novel, and Kaleena Kiff! The novel is releasing June 12th and I thought it'd be a great idea to watch the series and blog about each episode until release day. I'm pre-ordering my copy from Amazon so this is a great opportunity for me and everyone else to get acquainted with Riese!

Recap: 10 Days of Kingdom Falling: Dawn

Episode 6: Prey


After days of traveling on foot, Riese and Fenrir have almost reached their destination: The township of Vidar, where, according to the stolen ledger, scores of children were sent. But despite being so close to their goal, Fenrir balks when they reach the gates, sensing danger. Riese insists they press forward.

Once inside the town, the princess and the wolf sense a presence unlike any they've felt before - it doesn't feel like an animal, but it is certainly not human. And this isn't the only oddity in this new territory: The town, despite being the destination of so many human chattle for the Sect, is completely deserted. Riese continues her search for the truth, though her apprehension mounts by the minute.

Still uneasy on the throne with Riese the Heretic at large, Amara grills her confidante, Trennan, on Riese's whereabouts. Trennan's back is to the wall, and he has no choice but to tell the false empress that there has been no word from Herrick because the trail is silent. Impatient with the slogging process, Amara suggests removing Herrick from the job altogether - and replacing him with Trennan, a proposal that makes Trennan's skin go cold.

And Rand, certain that recent reports of a heretic at large must concern his champion, turns his armies away from their battles and points them toward Vidar. His lieutenant, Garren, puts up a healthy protest, but Rand insists: Nothing is more important to him than finding Riese, and he would sacrifice the trust of all his troops in order to ensure her safety and reinstate her on the throne.
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My Thoughts

Prey is a very tense episode. Riese finally makes it on her way to Vidar but there's this strange aura surrounding her travel. It's like she feels eyes on her and even her wolf Fenrir feels it. At the end of the episode we see that she finally makes it to Vidar and sees that it's basically a ghost town. Like whoever lived there before just left abruptly. The empty town was ever creeper since there was this unidentified presence looming about.

Back at the palace in Eleysia it seems as thought not everyone is blindly following Empress Amara. Such a shame that she probably had to go through horrible means to take that position of power and in the end, she might not have the faithful followers she felt she deserved.

Now, Rand and his troops are headed to Vidar. Is this finally the chance for them find Riese? Oh, man do I hope so! Just thinking of what problems could be solved. They believe Riese is the key to restoring order to their kingdom since she would be the rightful leader. She'd probably do well, especially because while she's in hiding and on the run and still puts the needs of her people before her own safety.

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So? What do you think? If you watch the episode, or have seen it before, tell me your thoughts in the comments section!

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