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10 Days of Kingdom Falling: Spares

Riese: Kingdom Falling

Riese: Kingdom Falling is an upcoming novel from author Greg Cox and published by Simon & Schuster BFYR. It's also a digital mini-series on, created by Ryan Copple, who is also listed as an author for the novel, and Kaleena Kiff! The novel is releasing June 12th and I thought it'd be a great idea to watch the series and blog about each episode until release day. I'm pre-ordering my copy from Amazon so this is a great opportunity for me and everyone else to get acquainted with Riese!

Recap: 10 Days of Kingdom Falling: Fragments

Episode 4: Spares


Riese uses her extensive hunting experience to infiltrate the warehouse in Helmkin where the babies are being kept. The building is stuffed to the gills with infants - though she's made a promise to Hannah, Riese knows she'll never find the young woman's child like this. She discovers an office, and in it, discovers a ledger detailing where the infants are being sent - this, she tucks into her cloak and steals away.

She has eluded the guards so far, but as she inches her way towards the door, Herrick and his men close in on her trail. Thinking on her feet, she throws a rock at one of the shelves, waking a child and causing it to cry. Soon all of the children are wailing, and in this cacophony, Riese slips unnoticed out of the building.

She doesn't make it far, however: Henchmen are waiting just outside the door, and though she - and the newly arrived Fenrir - dispatch them quickly, it seems another team lurks around every corner, demanding a fight of the still-convalescent princess. Finally, Riese finds refuge in a back room, only to discover that she is not alone: A girl, aged perhaps 8 years, is hiding in the shadows.

The doctor, on discovering that his ledger is gone, alerts Herrick, informing him that in addition to containing the outline of this devious plan, the ledger contained critical, but mysterious, information on other strategies. If he doesn't recover the ledger, the doctor's life is at stake.

And half a kingdom away, Amara is scared of the repercussions of Riese's continued survival. As she spars with her advisor and only confidante, her anger and fear manifest in her fight. Before she knows what her fists have done, she has given this faithful servant a thorough beating.
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My Thoughts:

Riese stays true to her word by snooping around Helmkin. She even finds a clue that will lead her to solving the mystery of Helmkin's 'missing' children. I have to admire how she put herself in danger, knowing that Herrick is in the same town but still determined to help out a stranger, shows great courage.

The action picks up now that Herrick and his rangers are closing in on Riese. Luckily, her loyal wolf Fenris offers protection. I'm surprised there are people still after her knowing that as a royal princess, the wolf will serve and protect her to the death.

Regarding all the information the story doesn't actually tell us, there may or may not have been a revelation regarding Empress Amara's background. I wasn't able to hear exactly what was said over the scuffles of her sparring match. I wonder if that was done purposefully? Anyway, I have some theories about who Amara really is, but I have no solid evidence to come to a final assumption. Hopefully, more will come to the fore as the story continues.

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So? What do you think? If you watch the episode, or have seen it before, tell me your thoughts in the comments section!

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