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{Author Interview}: Rachel Carter Author of SO CLOSE TO YOU

I am beyond excited to have young adult author Rachel Carter visit Lovey Dovey Books for an interview! Her upcoming debut, So Close to You is set to release July 10th, 2012 from HarperTEEN, and guess what? It's only the first in a trilogy! Read on to get to know the inner workings of Rachel's mind and learn a few interesting facts about the novel, too. :)

Welcome to Lovey Dovey Books, Rachel! Can you tell us five fun facts about yourself?

- I grew up in a log cabin in rural Vermont. My graduating class only had 40 kids in it!
- My favorite food is sunflower seeds with the shells on them.
- If I ever met Joss Whedon, I would propose. That’s how obsessed I am.
- I love wearing vintage clothing, a trait I also gave to Lydia in the book.
- When I was little I wanted to be a synchronized swimmer.

How would you describe your writing in three words?

I feel like this question has a lot of possibility for embarrassment, so here are three words I strive for!
- descriptive
- emotive
- honest
So Close to You sounds like an exciting and fast-paced read. What do you wish for your readers to experience during the novel?

I want people to care about all the characters and their futures. As I was writing, it was important for me to make the story as realistic as possible, even with the sci-fi elements! I hope that comes across and that readers feel like they can connect to Lydia’s story.  

What does your main character, Lydia Bentley, of So Close to You say about sharing her story with the world?

She would definitely approve of sharing it. She wants to be a journalist, and she believes – at least in the beginning! – that knowing and sharing the truth about something is extremely important. 

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind Lydia’s story?

I was inspired by a lot of things! But my main inspirations were probably talking with my grandmother about her life during World War II, learning about the real-life conspiracy of the Montauk Project, and a longstanding love of time travel stories.
So Close to You is only the first in a three book series. What can you tell us about the following books?

I don’t want to give anything away! Let’s just say that Lydia and Wes have a long journey to go through in the next two books as they try to figure out the line between fate and free will.

Thank you for stopping by Rachel! Any parting words for readers who will pick up a copy of So Close to You on its release July 10th?

I sincerely hope everyone likes it. And if you do, or even if you don’t, please come tell me about it on Twitter or Facebook. I love, love, love to hear from readers!

Releases: July 10th, 2012

Lydia Bentley has heard stories about the Montauk Project all her life: stories about the experiments that took place at the abandoned military base near her home and the people who’ve disappeared over the years. When she stumbles into a vessel that transports her to a dangerous and strange new reality, Lydia realizes that all the stories she’s ever heard about the Montauk Project are true—and that she’s in the middle of one of the most dangerous experiments in history.

Alongside Wes, a darkly mysterious boy whom she is wary to trust, Lydia begins to unravel the secrets surrounding the project. But the truths behind these secrets force her to question all her choices. And if Lydia chooses wrong, she might not save her family but destroy them...and herself.
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Courtesy of: Joshua Simpson
About the author:
Rachel Carter grew up in the woods of Vermont. She is a graduate of the University of Vermont and Columbia University, where she recently received her MFA in nonfiction writing. Rachel has been a teacher, a nanny, a caterer, and a bellhop. She is currently at work on her next book in Brooklyn, NY.
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