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{Blog Tour} Review: The Hands of Time by Irina Shapiro

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by Irina Shapiro
Publication Date: December 7, 2011

When a young woman vanishes without a trace from a quaint fishing village on the coast of England only one person knows the truth, but he remains silent allowing the authorities to search for her in vain.

Meanwhile, Valerie Crane finds herself transported to the year 1605. Terrified and confused she turns for help to the Whitfield brothers, who take her in and offer her a home. Both Alexander and Finlay Whitfield fall in love with the mysterious woman who shows up on their doorstep creating a love triangle that threatens to consume them all. Valerie must make her choice, deciding between the brother who will lead her down the path of destruction or one who will give her a love she couldn’t find in her own time.
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The Hands of Time is a fun and emotional read. Irina Shapiro puts a clever spin on romantic time travel and takes readers' breaths away. The romance may be more than bargained for upon picking up a copy of The Hands of Time and Shapiro sweeps readers away with intimate scenes and whirlwind relationships. Tragedy strikes, but there's enough love to last throughout the entire novel!

When Valerie is transported back to the 17th century and taken in by the two handsome Whitfield brothers, her life changes drastically. For such a tremendous change she doesn't fret much, instead Valerie makes lemonade with the lemons life throws her. She falls in love and adapts to the times.  The majority of the novel is set in 17th century England with tedious but beautiful gowns, high class balls, and religious oppression.

The plot switches between present and past and Valerie's older sister, Louisa tries to make sense of her peculiar disappearance. It will be practically impossible to read the grief between Louisa words and actions without screaming for her to not give up hope. Shapiro has been able to draw out emotions from all sides of the spectrum in this novel through heartbreaking circumstances and joyous events.

The Hands of Time's story is not yet finished and the sequel will be just as exciting and thought provoking!

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  1. Sounds like a good book. :)) Great review. And btw, I just love books with something related to time and time-travels. :> eeek, I might decide to buy this sometime soon. :)) Again, awesome review.
    Have a good day.

    1. Thanks! The time-travel element was what interested me foremost, so we're on the same page there :)


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