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{Review} Skating Over the Line by Joelle Charbonneau


Rebecca Robbins Mysteries #2
by Joelle Charbonneau
Publication Date: September 27, 2011
Publisher: A Thomas Dunne Book for Minotaur Books (St. Martin's Publishing Group)
Pages/Format: 275; Hardcover & e-book
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Rebecca Robbins is desperate to sell her inherited roller-skating rink in small-town Indian Falls, and---finally---she has a buyer. She can’t wait to head back to Chicago, especially now that her long delinquent father has blown back into town, but Lionel, her veterinarian boyfriend, thinks she should stay put. Also, the gang at the Senior Center wants her to track down the thief who’s been hot-wiring rusted-out classic cars.

Unable to resist, Rebecca soon has the Sheriff’s Deputy threatening to arrest her for obstruction, and strange but scary men threatening her life. Then cars start exploding, with people in them, and Rebecca’s father goes missing. With the help of Pop, her Elvis-impersonating grandfather, Rebecca must find the pyromaniac car thief and put a stop to him---before he stops her first.

Skating Over the Line is the second novel in a delightful cozy series filled with small town charm and delicious laughs.
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Readers who haven't jumped on the Rebecca Robbins bandwagon are missing out on a fiery temper and the only Indian Falls resident to out-investigate local police. Joelle Charbonneau once again charms fans with the humorous cast of characters and suspenseful plot of Skating Over the Line!

With Rebecca's father back in town and exploding cars haunting the small town of Indian Falls, one would think Charbonneau would ease up on the amateur sleuth. Alas, Rebecca has to deal with the fact that the skating rink is on its way to being sold, and her decision about where her relationship is going with Lionel comes with a ticking time limit.

The mystery is more complex and has even more troubling surprises. Charbonneau has the gift of making the mystery daunting and filled with obstacles, and when the case is solved, readers finish with an effect much similar to the proverbial 'light bulb' flashing on. Skating Over the Line starts with one main issue and they keep piling on as Rebecca deals with death threats and meeting real estate contract contingencies. It's the kind of mystery that effectively keeps readers in the dark and surprised when all is said and done.

To miss a novel of the Rebecca Robbins mystery is to miss Joelle Charbonneau's clever and suspenseful plots brought to life with so much energy. Thankfully, for mystery fans, the fun continues in Skating on the Edge!

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