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Ambuzzador: Jumping Into the Mind of a YA Dude + Paladin Prophecy Chapter Sampler

In the last couple of years, as I moderately progressed into the role of avid reader, I kept my distance from books written solely in the male perspective, much like keeping my distance from succulent shrimp coated with that awful coconut batter. Any novel featuring a male MC, whether in a contemporary, fantasy, science-fiction or romance genre, I purposely overlooked for the sake of reading what I knew would surely keep the interest of my girly teen mind. I wholeheartedly regret my decision to limit myself from exploring the mind of the opposite sex. I could say that I only wanted to focus on reading books about teen girls, because I felt I might have had an easier time relating to the main character and her plights. In actuality, it was because I forgot how easy it is to fall into the dangers and mishaps of a story no matter who's telling it.

Fast forward to today and I'm pleased to share that my girly (though not technically a teen any longer) mind has been opened to the awesomeness that comes with jumping into the mind of young adult boys. Or males? No, dudes! Yes, jumping into the mind of young adult dudes, I've read the sensitivity, the logic, the cleverness, the vulnerabilty and brute strength of a young male mind. But never have I ever wanted to actually get up and become more active or study or do everything better, until Will West!

Cover of The Paladin ProphecyWill. Will West. His calm demeanor in a stressful, life-threatening or life-changing situation is absolutely admirable. His ability to run at a well above average pace, when he's not trying to, is astounding. He's probably the most physically-capable fifteen year old I've ever read about, and frankly, I'm quite jealous of him. The list of rules Will's father made for him keep him steady throughout his journey. His following of these rules without complaint really show his character. What fifteen year old wants to follow life saving rules when he doesn't know where the danger lies? That list of rules shapes Will's personality into one of order, instinct and oriented with the goal to survive. Oh, what I wouldn't give for a list of rules to keep my life organized and free from stress! Those rules even list ways for Will to keep a positive attitude, like "#17: Start Each Day By Saying It's Good To Be Alive. Even If You Don't Fell It, Saying It-Out Loud- Makes It More Likely That You Will." I picture myself back in high school and wonder how much more easier it would have been to get up every morning, without grouching and groaning, if I'd had those words to live by!

The most absorbing aspect of jumping into this YA dude's mind is his intelligence and personality under pressure. I'm not implying that any of the other male perspectives I've read were unintelligent or total spazzes when it came down to the wire, but Will West has a way about him that shows volumes of maturity. It could be the fact that whatever is so special about him causes him to be such an extraordinary individual, but Mark Frost seems to distinctly write Will with a casual air that makes Will seem unaware of his untested abilities. Will's life takes a total tailspin and he makes snap decisions about his next moves without hesitation. Reading him in action makes me think of the Bourne movies I love so much wherein Jason Bourne seems to know, by instinct, where to go next, what to take with him, and how to get there. Above all, Will doesn't hang up on irrational emotions or worry. He knows urgency, but he acts with a reasonable patience and diligence that makes me so excited to be reading his story!

Thank you Mark Frost, for creating one of the YA dudes that cements my interest in reading the male perspective! If there's even the tiniest population of readers out there that do not believe me when I say girls will love books for boys, read The Paladin Prophecy! I've learned it and they will, too: jumping into the mind of YA dudes is not so bad after all! :)

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