Thursday, February 14, 2013

Review: Cupid on Deck by Nancy Scrofano

Louise “Lou” Riley agrees to tag along with her friends on a Valentine’s Day cruise around Seattle’s Lake Union. Donning their best 1920s attire, they board the old-fashioned paddle wheeler steamboat for an evening that’s expected to be the bee’s knees. Lou plans to shed her third wheel status onboard when she joins Nate, who she’s been sweet on for months. But when a mishap sends the dashing (and single!) Landon Harper to her aid, Lou discovers that Cupid may have other plans for her love life, and she and Landon share an unforgettable few hours together. Then, a surprise announcement sends everyone into a frenzy. Will Lou and Landon live happily ever after? Or maybe Lou and Nate are meant to be… Find out where the cherub’s arrow lands in Cupid On Deck, a roaring good time aboard a love boat reminiscent of the jazz age.
Nancy Scrofano's latest read, Cupid on Deck, is an incredibly romantic novelette. If you loved Nancy's debut, True Love Way, then you'll feel right at home!

Lou is another fun heroine with a passion for the past. Dressed as flappers, Lou and her best friend Meg are spending Valentine's Day on a 1920's theme cruise, dancing and romance in their sights. Meg's on a date with her boyfriend Max and to keep Lou from feeling like a third wheel he's arranged for his cousin, Nate, to be her date. Lou's had a crush on Nate since she first met him, and she finally has the chance to make her move and show him how she feels. The night doesn't begin so well, though, when Nate shows up with his own date and Lou, sweet,single Lou, is left surrounded by lovey-dovey couples. Then, a dashing hero, Landon Harper, makes his way over to Lou and the romance begins in earnest.

Cupid on Deck is just the right length to put readers in a romantic mind frame. It's a quick read, but I felt like I really got to know Lou and Landon, so rooting for them became a natural occurrence. Nancy's style will be familiar to fans, but also distinguishable. I love that she can remain true to her signature style, but entertain us with something different that her last novel. Cupid on Deck is a light, chick-lit read with a little humor added to the mix. I loved True Love Way, her first full length novel, and I'm a big fan of Nancy's, but I'm looking forward to more of her novelette length reads!
*ebook provided via author in exchange for an honest review*

Publication Date: February 5, 2013
Publisher: Bloomwood Books
Format: ebook
Kobo Inc.
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  1. Thank you for reading and reviewing Cupid On Deck! :)

    1. You're so welcome! I had fun reading it especially since it's a quick read :)


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