Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tour Review: The Baby Bargain by Jennifer Apodaca

Seeing Adam Waters is the last thing veterinarian Megan Young expects. Ex-Marine. Ex-boyfriend. And still extremely dangerous territory. But Adam doesn’t know the secret Megan has been keeping from him. The secret that was created three years ago, after their last night together...

Adam returns to Raven’s Cove to sell his home in a final break with the town and memories that haunt him. The problem is that his attraction to Megan is as blazing hot as it ever was. But when a vicious smear campaign against Megan turns ugly, Adam learns the truth he never knew—he has a son.

Now the only way Megan can protect her child is to strike a bargain with Adam. And it’s a bargain that looks a lot like blackmail...
The Baby Bargain is an awesome romance of a determined mother who will do whatever it takes to do right by her child. According to Jennifer Apodaca, even if doing whatever it takes involves Megan Young, a successful young veterinarian, telling her son's ex-Marine, and absolutely against commitment, father that he has a son, well then...she'll do it.

This Once A Marine novel may be set in the small town of Raven's Cove, but it's packed with a variety of characters and touching experiences. Apodaca makes it so easy to feel involved in both Adam and Megan's lives, their choices and consequences of their actions. The hint of suspense that threads through the plot enhances the emotional aspect and draws us further into their story.

I can't imagine someone reading The Baby Bargain and just completely hating it. It has a mildly heated romance and a relatable theme. With its cozy feel, I recommend it for a rainy summer day when you can just curl up inside and take your time reading it. It's an absorbing read that will definitely take you away!
*eARC provided via publisher in exchange for an honest review*

Once a Marine Series #1
March 2013, Indulgence (Entangled Publishing), 184pp, ebook

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