Thursday, May 16, 2013

Tour Review: Girl Three by Tracy March

Dr. Jessica Croft has avoided the players, the power, and the passions of Washington, DC. But when her estranged sister’s suspicious death is classified as natural, Jessie resolves to expose the murderer. As she pursues elite suspects who’d kill to keep their secrets buried, she encounters sexy security consultant Michael Gillette, who knows more about her sister than he’ll admit.

Michael has a vested interest in Jessie’s plight. Her sister died on his watch—while he wasn’t watching. His plan to find her murderer becomes complicated when Jessie’s father hires him to protect Jessie, and his interest turns from professional…to romantic.

Jessie and Michael must unravel a mystery rife with political agendas, deceit, and betrayal. When confidential papers reveal a fertility scandal surrounding the enigmatic Girl Three, the two realize the danger of exposing the truth. Who is Girl Three? And will the murderer kill again to keep a secret?
 Tracy March's romantic thriller is an exciting novel full of suspense and surprise. Every step of the plot is unexpected but perfect to make Girl Three a fascinating read.

When Jessie discovers that her sister's death may not have been an accident she puts herself in the danger zone. The people that her sister surrounded herself with are immediately cast in suspicion. The politics involved their world is littered with deceit and greed making Jessie task that much harder. March doesn't simply hand Jessie the answers, though someone is giving her a trail of crumbs to follow. The killer is sneaky, obviously rich with connections and out to keep the truth under wrap.

At times the story felt drawn out, like Jessie was getting no where closer to the truth and that her eventual ally, Michael, was never going to get past his own grief and be of some actual use. I found that Michael's side of Girl Three, as a behind the scenes security guard first for Jessie's sister, then herself, wasn't quite so interesting. It did provide a strong conflict between Jessie, Michael and her father that helped with the overall suspenseful tone of the novel.

There's really no in-between with this story, you either love it or hate it. Tracy March is a writer who knows how to get the wheels turning in her readers' minds and keep them coming back for more!

April 2013, Entangled Publishing, 352pp

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