Monday, October 24, 2016

The Lords of the Jungle Are Taking Over Time and Space (Review)

Tarzan has long been the protector of his jungle stronghold... but now he journeys deep into his enemy's territory: the heart of London! Half a world away and nearly a century later, Sheena battles foes of her own when she is mysteriously swept through time and space to 1930's Africa, leaving her own land unprotected. Will these two Lords of the Jungle find enough common ground to join forces? Or will the resulting culture clash lead to mutual destruction?

For the first time ever, literary great Edgar Rice Burroughs' Lord of the Jungle teams up with Sheena, the Queen of the Jungle created by comic book legends Will Eisner and Jerry Iger!
Lords of the Jungle
Corinna Sara Bechko
Pub Date: 12/27/16
Publisher: Diamond Book Distributors
Genre: Comic Book
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Lords of the Jungle is a story that goes beyond what you might expect! Sheena runs into trouble while fending off developers deep in the heart of the Amazon jungle. She winds up miles and years away from home in a land protected by the one and only, Tarzan.

Tarzan has been a familiar character since my childhood, but never have I seen him in such a fantastic story. He is more than the ape man as he ventures to his ancestral home of London, seeking the cause of disruption in his home. The road to bringing peace to his beloved jungle is not easy as he must face an unfamiliar foe from the future and the hostile Leopard Men of his own time.

Lords of the Jungle is intriguing because readers get, not only an action filled plot, but a cast of characters with explosive personalities. With elements of time travel and adventure blended into a fast-paced tale, readers will enjoy every second!

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