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The Thunder Beneath Us Features Diverse Cast of Characters (Review)

To the world, Best Lightburn is a talented writer rising up the masthead at international style magazine James, girlfriend of a gorgeous up-and-coming actor, and friend to New York City’s fabulous. Then there’s the other Best, the one who has chosen to recast herself as an only child rather than confront the truth.

Ten years ago, on Christmas Eve, Best and her two older brothers took a shortcut over a frozen lake. When the ice cracked, all three went in. Only Best came out. People said she was lucky, but that kind of luck is nothing but a burden. Because Best knows what she had to do to survive. And after years of covering up the past, her guilt is detonating through every facet of her seemingly charmed life. It’s all unraveling so fast: her new boss is undermining and deceitful, her boyfriend is recovering from a breakdown, and a recent investigative story has led to a secret affair with the magazine’s wealthy publisher.

Best is quick-witted and headstrong, but how do you find a way to happiness when you’re sure you haven’t earned it—or embrace a future you feel you don’t deserve? Evocative and emotional, The Thunder Beneath Us is a gripping novel about learning to carry loss without breaking, and to heal and forgive—not least of all, ourselves.
The Thunder Beneath Us
Nicole Blades
Pub Date: 10/25/16
Publisher: Dafina Books
Genre: Women's Fiction Amazon | B&N

The Thunder Beneath Us tells the emotional story of a woman whose life is falling apart bit by bit as the truth of a past tragedy she held close to her heart threatens to be exposed. Nicole Blades brings readers a novel that features a female lead ready to empower women everywhere!

The life Canadian-born Best has set up in New York involves not allowing her associates or close friends to discover that 10 years ago her two older brothers died in an accident. For years the name of her game has been to keep others at a distance and give as little of herself as possible. There is much about this novel that intrigues me, but there are a few things that didn't allow me to enjoy the story more.

Readers will love the feisty, diverse cast of characters Blades has created. Best was my favorite because she has a passion in her life that keeps her determined to work through her personal issues. The desire to write an empowering story about a girl who survived being poisoned and drowned by her father shows the compassionate side of Best that she refused to see for herself. That was the best element of the story and I wish it had been focused on more than the boyfriend drama. The details about Grant King's mental issues took center stage, above Best's determination to write a story that would hopefully boost her career, and felt like filler in comparison to what actually moved the plot. The story jumps around quite a bit, especially at the outset of the novel, but becomes more understandable a few chapters in. At one point the novel is in the present and within a few pages the reader is thrown into a moment where Best reflects on her past life. I'm not really a fan of this style of writing, and especially so when the result is a confusing scene.

My overall experience reading The Thunder Beneath Us was average. There were moments that really struck me and stayed with me long after finishing, but I wish those parts had been more prominently featured.

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