Monday, January 30, 2017

Kissed by the Rain (Review)

This wildly romantic novel from the author of Apricot Kisses proves that the recipe for love sometimes needs just a dash of the unexpected—and the magic of the Scottish Highlands.

Josefine Sonnenthal has it all under control. A successful lawyer with a sensible fiancé and big plans for marriage and children, she is sure that everything in her life is going according to plan.

But without a very important family ring—one that may possess mystical powers to doom or bless Josefine’s impending marriage—there will be no wedding. And that’s why she finds herself on a plane heading to Scotland with her two eccentric great aunts, desperately searching for a wayward cousin who holds the coveted heirloom.

When Josefine finds herself in one near-disaster after another along the Highlands countryside, she repeatedly crosses paths with the handsome but notoriously moody confectioner, Aidan Murray. Enchanted by her lush new surroundings, she tries to resist his rugged charm, but soon she begins to question everthing. Does having a plan really mean having it all together? Or could this unexpected love be the best plan yet?

Kissed by the Rain
Claudia Winter; Maria Poglitsch Bauer (Translator)
Pub Date: 2/7/17
Genre: Romance
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Claudia Winter's Kissed by the Rain is a fun romance translated by Maria Poglitsch Bauer. If you loved the movie Leap Year (Amy Adams, Matthew Goode), this will definitely strike your fancy. Bauer chooses the right words to convey this story and make it enjoyable and unforgettable.

Josefine Sonnenthal is all set to marry her colleague, who is Jo's definition of perfect. However, the precious family ring that every bride in her family should wear is missing and without it she can't get married. If she gets married without the ring her marriage is destined for doom. When she finds that her troublesome cousin took the ring and ran off with her boyfriend to Scotland, the adventure begins in earnest. Scotland seems to be a reflection of Josefine's inner turmoil. Everything that could go wrong, goes wrong. It's constantly rainy and the ridiculously handsome man, who tried to crash her plane with a cell phone, seems to be following her around. Add to that her twin great-Aunts tag along for the ride with their constant bickering.

Kissed by the Rain is an emotional rollercoaster with a comedic edge. Jo is as stubborn as they come and she forges ahead with her plans no matter what. Walking around in an ugly oversized sweater doesn't slow her down, and neither does Aidan Murray. It seems fate has its own ideas about Jo and Aidan and steps in every now and then to bring them together.

Josefine wasn't always the most upstanding character throughout the novel, but her journey to Scotland opened her eyes to a better way of living. It brought her a better understanding of herself and her family. Kissed by the Rain is not a superficial romance, but one that will fill your reading experience with laughter and joy.
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