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Turbulent Waters (Review)

A daring pilot finds himself in danger of losing his heart.

Coast Guard pilot Nick Armstrong savors the taste of danger. But after his helicopter crashes into the ocean during a mission, shattering his knee, he encounters a whole different type of thrill when he meets his new physical therapist. Maybe being grounded isn’t so bad after all.

Smart, sexy, and deeply guarded, Chloe Reynolds is the type of woman who drives Nick crazy for all the right reasons. But as she tries to help him heal, Chloe struggles to keep her heart—and secrets—safe.

For years, she has been told that Nick is responsible for her brother’s death, a “fact” that she slowly learns may not contain the entire truth.

But can Chloe’s growing feelings for Nick, and their undeniable chemistry, really overcome a years-long family feud? Or will the past ultimately destroy the future they both desperately want?
Turbulent Waters
Billionaire Aviators #3
Melody Anne
Pub Date: 2/7/17
Montlake Romance
Genre: Romance
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The third book of Melody Anne's Billionaire Aviators series is nothing if not a steamy, turbulent love story. Turbulent Waters packs a strong emotional punch as Nick Armstrong finally falls for one woman and that woman is out to destroy him.

While out on a rescue mission, Nick's helicopter goes down. He's the only survivor when his team is lost in the storm. Chloe Reynolds is called in to help him rehabilitate his damaged body. Little does he know that her father also wants her to spy on him. There's a history that has caused her father to deeply hate the Armstrong family and after the accident kills his son, Chloe's brother, he wants revenge.

Nick and Chloe take the prize for most dramatic relationship. From the moment they meet, it's a battle of wills between the two of them. The majority of the plot is centered around their tremulous relationship. While helping Nick recuperate, Chloe is also deciding whether or not he was truly the cause of her brother's death. The more she learns about him, the less she wants to help her father destroy Nick. The plot is driven by the characters, but I still wished there was a little more to it than Nick and Chloe circling each other. Maybe if the pending lawsuit against Nick or the feud between Chloe's dad and the Armstrongs was put more at the forefront, I think the story would have been a little more interesting and balanced.

I wasn't crazy about the opening of the story where the brothers are focused on their youngest sibling.  Turbulent Waters is solely about Nick in the aftermath of his accident. Ace isn't featured in this story and no one makes a move to go find him, so it's misleading while also setting the plot for the next book in the series. I hadn't been following this series before, but I am actually interested to read Ace's story, which sounds much more promising.
*eARC provided in exchange for an honest review*

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