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The Case of the Missing Twins: Dark Horse

Burdened by family secrets, this cowboy rides alone

For twenty-five years, the case of the McGraw twins kidnapping has remained unsolved. As the eldest son, Cull oversees the McGraw horse ranch, wary of prying eyes. So when true-crime writer Nikki St. James comes forward with new information, Cull can't believe his father invites her onto the compound. His family has suffered enough—he's not about to let St. James snoop and ruin them completely. But Nikki finds the eldest McGraw's protectiveness as endearing as it is aggravating. After all, this case is personal to her, too… And her secrets can set the truth free—if they don't destroy the McGraws first.

Whitehorse, Montana: The McGraw Kidnapping
Dark Horse
The McGraw Kidnapping #1
B.J. Daniels
Pub Date: 7/18/17
Harlequin Intrigue
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4/5
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B.J. Daniels takes readers to Whitehorse, Montana to explore the tragic McGraw kidnapping. 25 years ago, Cull McGraw's twin baby siblings were stolen from their home, an event that threw his family into chaos. His mother doesn't speak anymore and is isolated in a psych ward, and his father's health is slowly declining.  As the 25th anniversary of the kidnapping approaches, the family is prepared for the media and crazies to bombard their lives once again.

Travers McGraw allows Nikki St. James into his home with the hope that the case can be solved. The true-crime writer has a desire to know the truth, too. Everyone is against her poking where she doesn't belong, but the need to exonerate her father is stronger than the danger. This tense drama escalates as Nikki digs deeper into the case and turns up previously unknown information. But the truth of what truly happened to the twins that night remains just out of reach.

I was a little surprised that the case wasn't completely solved by the end of the novel. Instead, as the series continues will readers be able to see the whole and final truth of the kidnapping. If that means I have to read through two more romances, I'm game! B.J. Daniels makes it so that you almost forget you're reading a romance because there's just as much suspense to keep the story going. I'm eager to get to the bottom of this mystery while I enjoy the scenery on the way there!
*ARC provided in exchange for an honest review*

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A Win for Romantic Suspense Fans: Everything We Keep (Review)

Sous chef Aimee Tierney has the perfect recipe for the perfect life: marry her childhood sweetheart, raise a family, and buy out her parents’ restaurant. But when her fiancĂ©, James Donato, vanishes in a boating accident, her well-baked future is swept out to sea. Instead of walking down the aisle on their wedding day, Aimee is at James’s funeral—a funeral that leaves her more unsettled than at peace.

As Aimee struggles to reconstruct her life, she delves deeper into James’s disappearance. What she uncovers is an ocean of secrets that make her question everything about the life they built together. And just below the surface is a truth that may set Aimee free…or shatter her forever.

A luminous debut with unexpected twists, Everything We Keep explores the devastation of loss and the euphoria of finding love again.
Everything We Keep
Everything We Keep #1
Kerry Lonsdale
Pub Date: 8/1/16
Lake Union Publishing
Rating: 5/5
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I was a little cautious going into Everything We Keep because I wasn't too keen on the first novel I read from Kerry Lonsdale, All the Breaking Waves. Thankfully, her debut novel has all the fire and suspense I felt was lacking in her second novel.

It's the kind of heartbreaking read fans of Emily Colin's The Dream Keeper's Daughter and Kristin Higgins' On Second Thought will love. The story immediately thrusts readers into Aimee Tierney's grief filled day when instead of saying, "I Do," to her childhood sweetheart, she watches as he's lowered into the ground. James and Aimee seemed to have been made for each other, but the trials of life ended their forever before it truly began. Or did it? A mysterious woman claims that James is still alive. While her friends and family pressure her to move on and figure out who she is without James, she can't leave those words, or James behind. Everything We Keep follows Aimee as she learns to be her own woman while searching for closure.

Kerry Lonsdale allows readers to emotionally connect with her characters as their secrets are laid out for all to see. Everyone has something that drives them and adds to the story's layers. What's even better about this story is the continuation of these characters' lives unfolding in the sequel. After the bittersweet conclusion of Everything We Keep, Everything We Lost is loudly calling my name!
*ARC provided in exchange for an honest review*

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New Release Alert! One True Pairing: A Geek Girl Rom Com

They couldn't be more opposite, the Hollywood actor and the hometown girl, but all they need is a little convention magic to become the perfect ship in Cathy Yardley's One True Pairing.

Jake Reese needs a decoy girlfriend. Fast. The lead actor of the popular TV show, Mystics, is tired of losing his shirt to overeager fans. Literally. Which is why a chance meeting with gothabilly bookworm-slash-barista Hailey Frost seems almost too perfect to be true. Hailey is not impressed with his TV fame and is desperate to save her family's bookstore. It's a match made in Hollywood, but as the two pretend to date, fan fiction becomes reality. Can this OTP become canon?
One True Pairing
Fandom Hearts #2
Cathy Yardley
Pub Date: 7/25/17
SMP Swerve
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Cathy Yardley once again nods to geek girl culture in her latest rom com, One True Pairing.  Fans of Ashly Poston's Geekerella will enjoy this HOT take on a geeky Hollywood romance!

Jake Reese loves playing Rick on the hit supernatural show, Mystics, but the fans are out of control. A slightly violent VIP event sends him running and hiding in a nearby cafe where he meets Hailey Frost. Their attraction is immediate and sets the story on fire within the first few chapters. When Jake is in fear of losing his spot on the show, he and Hailey strike a deal. If Hailey can help raise his popularity enough to help him save his job, he'll make an appearance at her family's bookstore.

This is one of those stories you think will never end well. Where you think everything that could go wrong, will go wrong. Yardley, though, keeps it balanced with a few crazy outcomes and a satisfying end. One True Pairing is sexier than I expected, especially since I hadn't read the previous novel Level Up, but it had just enough heat and romance to be fun. While the fandom scene is hot right now, this story is one I can see outlasting the hype. It didn't fixate on their love of science-fiction, although it was a big part of the story. Instead, Yardley takes the time to make us fall in love with the characters' backgrounds and situations.

One True Pairing gets definite thumbs up from me! I really enjoyed falling into this world and getting to know some of the characters! Calling all geek girls. Don't miss this story of fandom and romance!
*ARC provided in exchange for an honest review*

Explore the series:

Level Up is on sale for a limited time, $1.99!!

Jake handed over a few hundred dollar bills. “Hey, this is too much!”
“You rescued me, you’ve driven me around, you stood up to a manager for me. This is the least I can do,” Jake said, his eyes meeting hers. He looked so damned sincere. “Anything else I can do to make it up to you?”
The guy was a sweetheart, she realized. He’d probably be a beautiful mark—just enough naivetĂ©, especially for Hollywood. Chivalry, nobility. The guy was a soft touch.
She couldn’t help it. Her grinned curved wider, and she looked at him suggestively. “Have anything particular in mind?”
“What? Oh! No. That’s not what I meant,” he stammered. But she saw his pulse racing in the thick muscles of his neck, and the way his pupils dilated.
Might not be what he meant, but he was thinking about it.
And damn it, now so am I.
“Why not?” she teased, pitching her voice as if she were hurt that he wouldn’t consider it, just to watch him squirm. And squirm he did.
“No. I mean, I’d love to, don’t get me wrong. You are . . .” His gaze now swept over her, and she felt it like a chinchilla mitten, all soft and sensual and something you just wanted to rub up against. “Unbelievable. But I don’t want you to think that I’m just taking advantage of the situation, or anything. I mean, I don’t expect you to have sex with me.”
“Relax, Boy Scout. I’m just messing with you,” she said, laughing and patting his cheek. “Really, it’s cool. Maybe score me a one-day pass to the Con? My sister’s a big fan, she’d love to get some video of it.” Since Cressida couldn’t leave the house, video would be the next best thing to attending in person.
“Just because I don’t expect anything,” he said quietly, “doesn’t mean I don’t want anything, Hailey.”
She blinked. Her heart started to rhumba in her chest. God. Sex with Jake Reese?
He was messing with her, she chastised herself. He had to be.
She started to take a step away from him. She had to get out of here, before she started getting ideas—reckless, stupid ideas.
Before she could pull away, he grasped her wrist—gently, but inexorably. He kept it against his cheek, then turned his face, letting her fingertips rub against the stubble before placing a hot kiss in the center of her palm.
Just like that, her lady parts tingled in anticipation.
“Oh, my,” she whispered.

“I’d like to take you to dinner,” he said, his voice low, those blue, blue eyes mesmerizing. He’d lost his stammer, and he’d somehow switched from awkward suitor to hell-yeah, hot-fudge-sinful man. “Tonight. When do you get off work?”
Wow. Zero to turned on in three-point-two seconds. That had to be some sort of record.
She swallowed hard.
This is a bad idea.

“I guess I could have dinner.” Her voice came out breathy, and she cleared her throat, getting more businesslike. “I mean, I’ll be hungry. Gotta eat, right?”

Cathy Yardley is the author of the Fandom Hearts series, starting with Level Up, and needs to get out more. When not writing, she's usually lurking on social media, playing Fallout 4, or watching D-list movies and adding to her unnatural mental store of character-actor trivia. She's a fangirl of Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock, LOTR, and too many others to name. She lives with her family in Seattle. They are considering performing an intervention for her addiction to pop culture.

Website | Facebook | Twitter

Emily Colin is Back with Another Heart-Wrenching Hit!

An archaeologist discovers her presumed-missing boyfriend is trapped more than a hundred years in the past—a love story that transcends time and place, from the author of the New York Times bestseller The Memory Thief.

Eight years after the unsolved disappearance of her boyfriend Max Adair, archaeologist Isabel Griffin has managed to move on and rebuild her life with her young daughter, Finn, her last tie to Max. But after a series of strange incidents, Isabel begins to wonder if Max might still be alive somewhere, trying to communicate with her. She has no idea that the where isn’t the problem—it’s the when. Max has slipped through time and place, landing on his ancestral family plantation in 1816 Barbados, on the eve of a historic slave uprising. As Isabel searches for answers, Max must figure out not only how to survive the violence to come, but how to get back to his own century, the woman he loves, and the daughter he has only ever met in his dreams.
The Dream Keeper's Daughter
Emily Colin
Pub Date: 7/25/17
Ballantine Books
Amazon | B&N | iBooks | Kobo

With a tragic history and romance that spans hundreds of years, The Dream Keeper's Daughter is the story you wish The Memory Thief had been, but all on its own a masterpiece. Emily Colin has outdone herself in this masterful tale that will bring tears and smiles.

It's a story that begins with tragedy and works its way around to an ending that will leave you breathless and spinning. I never thought that I would get over how heartbroken and simultaneously wonderful The Memory Thief made me feel. That is until I had the opportunity to get my hands on this latest gem.

Isabel Griffin never let go of her first and only love, Max. She thought she safely locked him away while she focused on raising their daughter, Finn, until she receives a strange phone call while on an archeological dig in Barbados. His disappearance is similar to that of her mother's years before. There's not a trace of where they went and everyone has given up hope. In reality, though, Max has been transported from his familiar South Carolina woods to 1816 Barbados. He believes it's his chance to right his family's wrongs while saving the mother of the woman he loves.

Emily Colin crafted this novel with such care that it's still hard to believe this is only her second. It's rich in understanding of her characters whether in the modern world, or historical. While Isabel and Max share the spotlight in this story, the secondary characters play important roles in adding to the emotional drama and suspense of the novel. My eyes gobbled up the words trying to figure out how all their paths would twist and turn and I fully admit to being on pins and needles until the end. My heart raced with anxiety as I hoped for a happy ending. Though the ending I wanted didn't transpire, it far exceeded my expectations!

Written with a similar emotional pull to The Memory Thief, I have no doubt that The Dream Keeper's Daughter will strike readers in the same way, if not deeper. It's rich with the history of a faraway island that will draw many in from sheer curiosity. Whatever draws you into this novel, don't miss this incredible read!
*ARC provided in exchange for an honest review*

Read Emily's debut: The Memory Thief!

Emily Colin’s debut novel, The Memory Thief, has been a New York Times bestseller and a Target Emerging Authors Pick. Her diverse life experience includes organizing a Coney Island tattoo and piercing show, hauling fish at the Dolphin Research Center in the Florida Keys, roaming New York City as an itinerant teenage violinist, helping launch two small publishing companies, and serving as the associate director of DREAMS of Wilmington, a nonprofit dedicated to immersing youth in need in the arts. Originally from Brooklyn, she lives in Wilmington, NC with her family.
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Blog Tour: Summer on Firefly Lake (Review)

Sometimes love is better the second time around . . .

Mia Gibbs spent her marriage putting her husband's needs before her own. And now, after a painful divorce, she's building a new life for herself and her two daughters back home at Firefly Lake. The last thing she needs is a man to complicate things. But former bad boy turned friend Nick McGuire-and the one kiss they've shared-has turned everything upside down . . .

Attorney Nick McGuire wasn't meant to be a family man. His career has always been his focus and after taking time out to help his mother, he's ready to get back to the city . . . until Mia and her daughters arrive at Firefly Lake. Mia is beautiful and intriguing, and it doesn't take long to realize being "just friends" will never be enough. As the summer nights turn colder, Nick will have to choose between the life he's always wanted . . . and the woman he can't live without.
Summer on Firefly Lake
Firefly Lake #2
Jen Gilroy
Pub Date: 7/25/17
Grand Central - Forever
Amazon | B&N | iBooks | Kobo

Readers are welcomed back to the lively small town of Firefly Lake where the residents find that there's nothing greater than love and family.

Mia is rebuilding her life after spending years in a loveless marriage. She's finally gaining true independence for herself, and her darling little girls who are spending the summer with their father and his new family. Nick McGuire is helping her gain some of that independence by hiring her to help his mother organize his childhood home. Never one to mix business with pleasure, Nick tries in vain to keep Mia at arm's length. However, their past and Mia's nurturing disposition entices him to take their friendship to a new level and possibly pave the way for a future together.

Summer on Firefly Lake is a small town romance with layers that readers will love digging into. From the drama that Mia's ex-husband brings to town to Mia and Nick's whirlwind relationship, Jen Gilroy fashions this story into the romance to read this summer! It's one of those stories that gives all its special characters a chance at happiness and leaves readers tingling in the aftermath, ready for more.

There's no doubt the Firefly Lake series will continue with the small town's sense of nostalgia and romance in the next installment, Back Home at Firefly Lake.
*ARC provided in exchange for an honest review*

See where it all started in The Cottage at Firefly Lake:

Read on for an exclusive excerpt and giveaway!

“I want this.” Mia lifted her face to his as a cloud scudded across the moon. “I want you.”
Even if it could only be for tonight, she was Mia, not a mom, not a sister, and not a wife who’d been tossed aside for someone younger and curvier. For this one moment, she didn’t have any responsibilities except what she wanted and needed.
I want you, too.” Nick took her hand and led her toward the car. “A part of me has wanted you since I was fifteen and you hung out at the town beach in that green bikini with the white flowers.”
Her heart lurched. He’d noticed her enough to remember the bikini she’d hidden from her mom. The one she’d bought because she’d heard Nick say he liked green. “You were always with the guys by the life guard station.” Everything about him was a lot sexy and a little bit dangerous.
“I wanted to see you.” His smile was forced, like the admission cost him more than he wanted her to know.
Mia curved her cold hand into his warm one. She’d guessed she’d hurt him the one time they’d gone out, but until tonight she hadn’t understood how much. She couldn’t regret the past, and she couldn’t predict the future, but she could do something about the present. “I want to be with you. Even though we’re not teenagers anymore and I don’t have that green bikini.
Nick’s gaze skimmed her body from head to toe and lingered at her breasts. Then he gave her a grin that was pure bad boy. “I was always a lot more interested in what was underneath that bikini anyway.”
He opened the passenger door for her to slide in.
She looked at him from under her lashes and flirted like she’d wanted to do all those years ago but had been too shy. “You were, were you?”
“Oh yeah.” He shut the car door and, in the sudden silence, panic rolled over her again. Except, there was excitement too…

Copyright © Summer on Firefly Lake 2017 by Jen Gilroy

Jen is offering one (1) lucky Grand Prize winner a $25 Amazon Gift Card and a paperback copy of both The Cottage at Firefly Lake (the first book in the series) and Summer on Firefly Lake. Five (5) runner-up winners will receive a paperback copy of Summer on Firefly Lake! This giveaway is open internationally. To enter, simply fill out the Rafflecopter below:
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Jen Gilroy lives in a small town in eastern Ontario, Canada where her Irish ancestors settled in the nineteenth century. She's worked in higher education and international marketing but, after spending too much time in airports and away from her family, traded the 9-5 to write romantic women’s fiction to bring readers' hearts home.

Jen likes ice cream, diners, vintage style and all things country. Her husband is her real-life romance hero, and her teen daughter teaches her to cherish the blessings in the everyday.

The Cottage at Firefly Lake, the first book in her Firefly Lake series, was a finalist for Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart® award in 2015. It was also shortlisted for the Romantic Novelists’ Association Joan Hessayon Award 2017.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads | Amazon

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Thursday, July 20, 2017


This dark contemporary romance follows PRELOAD, quickly ascending the charts as the most explosive rock band of their generation. But fame has done little to overcome the traumas of their past. Traumas that have the power to decimate the band, and themselves, unless love can heal them first.

Jordan Steele’s life began when he was ten. When he was taken from his parents and a house that was never a home. When he met his brothers, the other lost and abandoned boys in his group home. When he learned what friendship and family and love looked like.

Now he’s made good, touring the world with the band he and his brothers formed in that crowded group home. No one but his found family really knows the man under the fame and fortune, the scars he hides behind the rockstar lifestyle. Until he sees her through the windows of the National Ballet, dancing, and suddenly the world doesn’t seem so dark.

Aleksandra Artemov ticks all the ballet boxes. Father a legendary Kirov dancer. Check. Prepping since birth for classical ballet. Check. Compulsive control over the food she eats. Check. Principal dancer at The National Ballet of Canada. Check. But what she craves is freedom.

She craves Jordan.

Everything about him should terrify her. His size, his tattoos, his edge. But he doesn’t. He stirs her very soul. Jordan has nothing but himself to offer her, and he's never been good enough for anyone. Can he figure out how to face his own demons before he loses his light for good?
Jordan Reclaimed
Preload #1
Scarlett Cole
Pub Date: 2/28/17
Swerve (Macmillan)
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Amazon | AmazonUK | B&N | iBooks


Copyright © 2017 by Scarlett Cole

“I think it would be fair to say that I haven’t had a welcome home like that before either,” Jordan said. He pressed his lips to her forehead and wrapped his arms around her shoulders.
A part of her knew she should be embarrassed by the way Jordan manhandled her on the street. Lord knew that if her father had seen it, he would be in a state of apoplexy. But she didn’t have it in her to care. It was the most perfect reunion. She’d worn her favorite cream wool dress, cinched with a brown leather belt, but underneath it she was wearing new underwear from Victoria’s Secret in the hope that he might take her back to his place later. It was forward, she knew, but the last nine days of talking to the deeply thoughtful, and unintentionally sullen, man who currently had his body pressed up against hers had her all wound up.
Jordan’s brow furrowed as he studied her, like he was checking her over for injury.
“Do you ever really smile?” she asked. “Because I think I saw the glimmer of a smile when we went on our first date.”
“I do occasionally,” he replied gruffly
“If I kiss you again, will you smile for me?”
Jordan leaned forward and placed his lips right next to her ear. “If you kiss me again, I might just end up taking you standing up against this pillar. So I strongly suggest you take that pretty little ass of yours inside before I change my mind and do it anyway.”
Lexi shivered as his breath whispered across her skin and his words made her ache in the places that longed for his touch.
He reached for her hand and carefully peeled off her glove. Silently, he folded it and tucked it into her pocket. Then he repeated the process with her other hand.
She swallowed as he took her hand, scrambling to regain her control. They needed small talk, something less . . . flammable. “Are you looking forward to going inside?” she asked. It had been years since she’d visited the AGO, and when he’d asked her where she’d like to go, it was the first place she’d thought of.

“Yeah, I am,” he said, leading her in through the double doors. He leaned his head toward her again. “I’m really hoping that looking at stuffy old paintings and relics will help kill the boner you just gave me.”


Elliot Redeemed (August 29, 2017)
NIKAN (January 2018)
LENNON (Spring 2018)

We are excited to announce that JORDAN RECLAIMED is currently on sale for only $1.99! Don’t miss out on this dark contemporary read and snag up your copy today! Be sure to enter the giveaway to win a $25 Amazon gift card!


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Scarlett Cole is a writer of contemporary romance and a two-time RITA finalist. Her debut, THE STRONGEST STEEL, has already become an Amazon best seller in romantic suspense, was a Best Debut Goodreads Author Finalist 2015, and Authors On The Air Global Radio Network Contemporary Romance Pick of 2015.

When Scarlett isn't writing, she spends her time reading, hoarding mason jars, and working out to off-set an epic sour candy habit. She likes hot men, cold beer, and expensive shoes.

Having travelled the world for work and fun, Scarlett is a citizen of both Britain and Canada. A true city-dweller, she considers Toronto and Manchester home and likes to set her books in vibrant locations such as Miami and Toronto.
Rep'd by Beth Phelan at The Bent Agency, and published by St. Martin's Press.

She'd love to hear from you on via social media.

Connect with Scarlett: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Newsletter

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Hope you all enjoyed this sneak peek into Scarlett Cole's latest release! Catch it while it's on sale just in time for the next addition to the series, Elliot Redeemed!