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The Case of the Missing Twins: Dark Horse

Burdened by family secrets, this cowboy rides alone

For twenty-five years, the case of the McGraw twins kidnapping has remained unsolved. As the eldest son, Cull oversees the McGraw horse ranch, wary of prying eyes. So when true-crime writer Nikki St. James comes forward with new information, Cull can't believe his father invites her onto the compound. His family has suffered enough—he's not about to let St. James snoop and ruin them completely. But Nikki finds the eldest McGraw's protectiveness as endearing as it is aggravating. After all, this case is personal to her, too… And her secrets can set the truth free—if they don't destroy the McGraws first.

Whitehorse, Montana: The McGraw Kidnapping
Dark Horse
The McGraw Kidnapping #1
B.J. Daniels
Pub Date: 7/18/17
Harlequin Intrigue
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4/5
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B.J. Daniels takes readers to Whitehorse, Montana to explore the tragic McGraw kidnapping. 25 years ago, Cull McGraw's twin baby siblings were stolen from their home, an event that threw his family into chaos. His mother doesn't speak anymore and is isolated in a psych ward, and his father's health is slowly declining.  As the 25th anniversary of the kidnapping approaches, the family is prepared for the media and crazies to bombard their lives once again.

Travers McGraw allows Nikki St. James into his home with the hope that the case can be solved. The true-crime writer has a desire to know the truth, too. Everyone is against her poking where she doesn't belong, but the need to exonerate her father is stronger than the danger. This tense drama escalates as Nikki digs deeper into the case and turns up previously unknown information. But the truth of what truly happened to the twins that night remains just out of reach.

I was a little surprised that the case wasn't completely solved by the end of the novel. Instead, as the series continues will readers be able to see the whole and final truth of the kidnapping. If that means I have to read through two more romances, I'm game! B.J. Daniels makes it so that you almost forget you're reading a romance because there's just as much suspense to keep the story going. I'm eager to get to the bottom of this mystery while I enjoy the scenery on the way there!
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