Monday, December 11, 2017

Enchanting Dark Romance: A Deep Dark Call

Even a lone wolf must one day claim his mate.
I expected what I came for in Wallachia: a job as a governess and a fresh beginning, far away from all that tormented me in England. Instead, I found a sinister manor house with secrets lurking down every dim corridor.

Eerie, erotic nightmares plague my sleep—inspired, no doubt, by tales of the village’s mystical guardians and my darkly handsome employer.

Ioan Marcu is as enigmatic as the lands where he and his daughter make their home. The locals say that he is cursed, that he is behind the questionable circumstances of his first wife’s death.

But I feel an almost supernatural pull toward him, despite the wall of solitude he’s built around himself.

Our passion has reached a fever pitch, and I know we must confront the consequences of our lust.

For Ioan is no normal man, and I may just be the key to his powers’ full potential.
A Deep Dark Call
Rose Vane
Pub Date: 12/4/17
Carina Press
Genre: Romance, Fantasy
Rating: 5/5
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A Deep Dark Call, debut fiction from Rose Vane, is an incredible dark romance. It pulls you in with secrets and envelops you in enchanting lore.

Lucy Cross travels to a strange, distant Wallachia because there is nothing and no one left for her in England. She is hired as governess for Ioan Marcu's daughter, Alexandra. The harsh winter and language barrier make for a bleak future, but the immediate attraction to the boyar and intelligence of her new charge gives Lucy hope. Ioan is the guardian of his people and the wolves that live in the surrounding forests. The pull of wild attraction goes both ways between them. For Ioan has found the means to unleash his supernatural other half. Lucy is the key he's been waiting for since he first learned about the dark power held within.

Lucy walks into a world where old traditions are alive and thriving. The hidden truths about herself are fighting to rise and she can no longer remain ignorant of her destiny. Normally, I despise having to wait for secrets to be revealed. In this story, though, Rose Vane tactfully reveals pieces of information as it becomes relevant. I never had to wait too long for answers to the questions that were raised in the outset of the story. The quick pace makes it seem as though you have been thrust into the middle of an extravagant tale that has been unfolding for some time before you're introduced to the characters. There aren't any long passages of backstory even though this world is unfamiliar. The setting is a breath of fresh air as it transported me to somewhere new and unusual.

Every page builds up to a marvelous ending. I will be looking for more from Rose Vane because she brings a touch of something different to the romance genre. I'm eager to see what else she has in store for her readers!
*ARC provided in consideration for a review*


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