Monday, February 12, 2018

Daisy Wickens Sets Up Shop in Ottercombe Bay! (Review)

Escape to the Devon coast, with Part Two of a brand-new four-part serial from the author of Willow Cottage.

Daisy Wickens has returned to Ottercombe Bay, the picturesque Devon town where her mother died when she was a girl. She plans to leave as soon as her great uncle’s funeral is over, but Great Uncle Reg had other ideas. He’s left Daisy a significant inheritance – an old building in a state of disrepair, which could offer exciting possibilities, but to get it she must stay in Ottercombe Bay for twelve whole months.

With the help of a cast of quirky locals, a few gin cocktails and a black pug with plenty of attitude, Daisy might just turn this into something special. But can she ever hope to be happy among the ghosts of her past?
Ottercombe Bay - Part 2
Gin and Trouble
Bella Osborne
Pub Date: 2/22/18
Rating: 4/5
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The second part of the Ottercombe Bay mini-series continues as Daisy Wickens decides how she will spend her required year in Ottercombe Bay. Bella Osborne brings a little mystery to this fun read as Daisy is the victim of an unsolved burglary and questions about her mother's death remained unanswered.

This part of the story dragged a little bit, but the plot continues to expand. With some help Daisy decides to turn the old train station into a year-round gin and hot chocolate bar. Though her interactions with Max are turbulent, his determination to help renovate the railway station puts them on more peaceful terms. Now that Daisy has support and a direction, maybe this year won't be so bad after all.

I am absolutely dying to see what happens next in Daisy's journey! Even though her perspective looks much more positive, she still has challenges to overcome. The allusions to Daisy's past and her mother's death are definitely part of what keeps me coming back. Exploring the town with is quirky characters and Daisy's mishaps is another. I'm remaining somewhat reserved in my expectations in case Bella Osborne throws in a curveball, or two.

The four-part Ottercombe Bay mini-series is perfect for readers who want a quick engaging story to get lost in for an hour or so!
*ARC provided in consideration for review*

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