Wednesday, February 14, 2018

This New Generation of Superheroes is Superb! (Review)

After the Earth survived annihilation from an asteroid which was destroyed by a group of heroic astronauts, the resultant meteor shower turned Youngstown, Ohio, into a Level 5 impact zone. After a Columbine-like incident in which a superpowered teenager exploded and killed other youngsters, the Foresight Corporation took over Youngstown to find and regulate any other teenagers with emerging powers. Kayla Tate has returned to Youngstown because her parents are scientists for Foresight. Kayla has reunited with her childhood friend, Jonah Watkins, a young man with Down syndrome.

Kayla and Jonah are learning about each other again, as a mysterious new superhuman named Cosmosis has become the Internet sensation as the hero of Youngstown. Kayla discovers that Cosmosis . . . is Jonah! Based on his favorite comic book hero, Jonah is using the secret powers he gained from the meteor shower to help people and fight bad guys. To protect Jonah, and discover the sinister mysteries of her town, Kayla uses her own powers gained from a meteor fragment to fight alongside Jonah as the hero Amina. When Amina and Cosmosis discover that young superpowered people are being kidnapped and trained to become Earth's best line of defense against the possibility of an alien invasion, the two teenage heroes use their abilities to stop Foresight, all the while helping each other navigate through resentment, naivete, and the awkward steps of rekindling their friendship.
Superb Volume 1
Life After the Fallout
David F. Walker; Sheena C. Howard
Pub Date: 1/2/18
Lion Forge
Genre: Graphic Novel
Rating: 4/5
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Superheroes come in all shapes in sizes and from any background. In Superb Volume 1: Life After the Fallout, David F. Walker and Sheena C. Howard explore the rise of enhanced teens after an event causes a meteor shower to devastate Earth.

Youngstown, Ohio is now a Level 5 impact zone. After a teen goes berserk, losing control of his powers, Gomez at Foresight starts an intense search for others. It's his goal to find teens with superhuman powers before they lose control. When Jonah, acting as his favorite comic book superhero Cosmosis, is caught on video camera their search for his true identity begins. His friends Kayla and Abbie are pulled into the fray as they both attempt to help Jonah and fight back against Foresight.

This action packed graphic novel is filled to the brim with an engaging story that fans of X-Men will surely appreciate! Life After the Fallout has so many layers that I'm surprised it could be condensed into this quick read. At some points in the story the writing was a bit disjointed, but once most of the story is exposed it's smooth sailing. I was worried I would not feel a connection to this story because it seems to just drop you in the middle of something big. But reading Catalyst Prime: The Event helped me understand the backstory. Now, I'm excited to see where this series leads!
*ARC provided in consideration for review*

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