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Blog Tour: Level Me Up (Audiobook Review)

Can the gamer win the girl in LEVEL ME UP by Lauren Helms? Dex Roberts falls hard and fast for Morgan Lawson, but the last thing Morgan is looking for while attending Comic-Con, is love. Fans of R.S. Grey and Gaming the System series by Brenna Aubrey will love this nerdy and flirty story about what happens when a sweet and sexy pro gamer meets the girl-next-door. Now available on audiobook!

This debut new adult romance brings you an even mix of nerdy and flirty in a story about a girl-next-door and her professional gamer boy.

Morgan Lawson wasn’t looking for love when attending Comic-Con. She just wanted a good time. But even before exchanging their first words, Morgan finds herself drawn to Dex. Before she realizes it, Morgan is caught up in the drop-dead sexy gamer.

Dex Roberts didn’t think falling in love was a big deal. But he knew the moment he saw Morgan, he wanted more. He fell hard and fast but wasn’t surprised when the downfalls of dating a professional video gamer became too much for Morgan. To Dex, video games are life. But he’ll bide his time because he doesn’t want anyone else.

It turns out a broken heart is harder to deal with than falling in love. Once Morgan decides what truly makes her happy, there’s no time to waste. But without any warning, life threatens to destroy what both Morgan and Dex want with each other.
Level Me Up
Gamer Boy #1
Lauren Helms
Narrator: Lacey Gilleran
Pub Date: 2/12/18
Audio Length: 5 hrs, 42 min
Genre: New Adult Romance
Rating: 3/5
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Lauren Helms's debut new adult romance is absolutely adorable! Morgan Lawson, pulled into the world of gaming by way of a chance invitation to Comic-Con, finds the man of her dreams and has to fight herself in order to find her happily ever after. Besides the references to just about all my favorite shows, Level Me Up proves flirty and nerdy mix very well together.

Dex and Morgan are two different people. Dex is a professional gamer and Morgan knows absolutely nothing about video games Yet, despite walking different paths they strike an immediate bond and fall into a whirlwind romance. The two are clearly into each other, but Morgan's insecurity has the potential for relationship disaster. When she decides that she has to find what makes her truly happy and resolve issues with her father, her relationship with Dex takes a nosedive. At this point of the story the drama spikes and keeps you wondering whether the couple will find a way to hold on to each other. Throw in a plot twist and you've got yourself an engaging read!

The Performance: This is first I've ever heard Lacey Gilleran perform narration for an audiobook and though she was pleasing to listen to, the story was read as it's written and not with inflections to make it sound like a scene playing out. In particular, the sex scenes came across as monotone, yet it was definitely written with all the right phrases to be passionate and scorching. I thought she represented certain characters well, like Morgan's friends. Their attitudes and flair came through loud and clear! Even though the story is about 6 hours long, it doesn't go by too quickly. The reading pace is a steady one that allows you to get into the story and feel like you've gotten your money's worth in listening time.

There's all the geekery and romance you can possibly pack into one story in Level Me Up! I definitely recommend this story to fans of Cathy Yardley's Fandom Hearts series.
*Audiobook provided in consideration for review*

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About Lauren Helms:

Author Lauren Helms has been an avid reader from a young age. After starting a book review site, that launched her fully into the book world, she decided to take the plunge and write her first novel. Since she was working for a video game strategy guide publisher at the time, she decided to mix what she knew best, video games and romance. Jumping all in, she joined NaNoWrimo and a month later had a 50K word first draft. Lauren lives in Indianapolis, IN with her video game playing husband, two little girl book nerds, and a little boy who will hopefully be a gamer boy too some day!

Follow Lauren: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Amazon | BookBub | Instagram

About Lacey Gilleran:

Lacey is a voice actor and audiobook narrator/producer from Connecticut. Her credits include audiobooks like Level Me Up, Up for Grabs, The After of Us, The Summer of Lost Wishes, and The Boy I Hate. She has over 12 years of experience in audio and video production, and holds a Masters degree in Digital Multimedia Production from Sacred Heart University in Fairfield Connecticut. When Lacey isn't recording audiobooks, she's managing social media and marketing at LeftField Media for events like Awesome Con and Rose City Comic Con, or fangirling about Star Wars.

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