Tuesday, March 20, 2018

#MakeADateWithHarlequin, Plus Free Reads!

Make a Date With Harlequin! 

Last year Harlequin sent two Harlequin Heroes, a Cowboy and a Viking, on real-life dates. The unsuspecting public couldn’t get enough… and their hilarious reactions were captured with hidden cameras! Remember this?

 Or how about this?

By popular demand, they’ve sent 2 more heroes on dates—a Highlander and a Prince.

Escape to your happy place when you #MakeaDateWithHarlequin! 

Whether you need an escape from your hectic day, or have some unexpected time to yourself—you can count on Harlequin Series for great romance reads whenever and wherever you are. From inspirational romance to heart-racing suspense, sweet or steamy sagas, Harlequin has whatever you’re looking for.

Not sure what you’re into? Sample from 16 series for FREE at TryHarlequin.com and find the one—or ones—that are right for you!

An enchanting prince goes on an ordinary date. Find out what happens!

Featured Novel:

Expecting royal twins can only mean one thing…

She must wear the Castiglione crown!

Royal responsibility has been drummed into Prince Vitale since childhood—but his hunger for Jazmine crushes all sense of restraint. Her unexpected pregnancy revelation leaves Vitale no choice—he knows what he must do. A temporary marriage will legitimize their twins, but when the fire between them fails to burn out, he has to wonder…could Jazz be his permanent princess?

Castiglione's Pregnant Princess
Vows for Billionaires #2
Lynne Graham
Pub Date: 3/20//2018
Harlequin Books - Presents
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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