Friday, April 6, 2018

The Dynamic Duo Returns in Twisted Taste (Review)

Diamonds are a thief's best friend…but rubies make for an interesting twist.

Adam and Jess are back and ready for the next heist in Twisted Taste. The target: a legendary diamond-and-ruby necklace, the Red Scarlet.

Professional jewel thief Adam Henry lives by one rule: only steal from bad guys. The Red Scarlet's wine-mogul owner is one, or so Adam's been led to believe. He and Jess need to fake it through an engagement party, ID the Red Scarlet's location and get out. But the plan changes quickly when Adam spots Celeste, his prickly ex and former accomplice.

She's talented, and she's got her sights set on the Red Scarlet, too.

As if dealing with Adam's gorgeous ex isn't enough, Jess nearly blows their cover with a single misstep. She still has a lot to learn when it comes to being a thief…and, apparently, a girlfriend. Things go from bad to worse when Celeste turns up dead. When Adam orders Jess off the case, she's determined to stick around…even if their partnership—and relationship—has never been stormier.

Adam's never fully trusted a partner before, never mind tried to solve a heist-related murder with the woman he loves. Chemistry isn't the issue for Adam and Jess. But they'll need to figure out how to transfer it from romance to business if they want to make it out of wine country alive.
Twisted Taste
Strange Tango #2
Michelle Dayton
Pub Date: 8/1/17
Carina Press
Rating: 5/5
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Adam and Jess are teaming up again in Michelle Dayton's follow-up novella, Twisted Taste! This time, though, they're planning to steal a valuable necklace called the Red Scarlet. While in the middle of the job Adam's old girlfriend and ex-partner, Celeste, shows up and claims she has someone on the inside and the necklace is practically theirs already. Before Adam and Jess can move on Celeste is mysteriously poisoned and then disappears without a trace.

Twisted Taste takes the shape of a murder mystery as Adam and Jess race to find out who Celeste's mystery partner is before they strike again. The two are still working out the kinks in their newly formed relationship and partnership, but when the stakes are raised they put their differences aside. Even though the dynamic duo make their living stealing from rich jerks, they still try to do the right thing. In this case, investigating their mark's potential enemies will lead them to a dangerous criminal. Jess isn't comfortable taking on disguises and personalities but her talents lie in behind-the-scenes work. I love seeing Jess put her computer skills to use, even outsmarting the master thief himself!

As the series escalates, so does Adam and Jess's relationship. They're still learning about each other and readers will be entertained seeing them figure each other out. I can only imagine what trouble they will get into in Twisted Stage!
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