Friday, June 29, 2018

A Captivating Historical: JILLIAND (Review)

“Bruised, bloody, and barely dressed, she knew it was over. She had no doubt the Vikings would search for her if she tried to run—especially now, with their companion lying dead. It would be dark soon, and she had no idea where she could go or hide. Jilliand knew they would come for her. The Vikings were not likely to let this go—especially it being an attack by a woman. She was defeated. Weak and shaking, she stared at the man’s body. I think tonight I die.” 
Jilliand: A Story of Love and Freedom
Clare Gutierrez
Pub Date: 4/17/18
River Grove (Greenleaf Book Group)
Genre: Historical Fiction
Rating: 5/5
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In Jilliand, Clare Gutierrez creates the perfect blend of war, romance, politics, and 9th century Viking and English culture. I really enjoyed reading Jilliand because it's so captivating from the setting to the characters. Jilliand's journey is filled with many hardships starting with an escape from her abusive father into a world so completely unknown to her.

This story is so easy to sink into as Jilliand learns to survive and grow into a brave woman. When her path crosses with Viking sea king Rurik, Jilliand faces an even greater challenge. She has to find a place among the fierce warriors who live harsh lives and worship different gods. Rurik and Jilliand are two completely different types of characters but they complement each other. I loved reading the story through each of their eyes and it made the story interesting and unpredictable. I never knew what would happen next in the story, but each new situation was a cause to read faster to see how Jilliand made out. The plot is full of ups and downs, which will appeal to the emotional side of readers. I like that nothing came easily for Jilliand, but she fought for the future anyway. She's one of those rare heroines that inspire hope and independence without a lot of second guessing or complaining.

Jilliand is definitely a story for historical fiction readers, especially if you love the romantic aspect of the story, of course, for which I read greedily! It will be hard to leave this story when you've finished reading, and it will stick with you long after!
*ARC provided in consideration for review*


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