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Cowboy On My Mind + Bonus Novella (Review)

A heartwarming western romance about a cowboy who gets a second chance with the first love he couldn't forget in the rugged beauty of the Montana mountains. . . 

Don't miss this special 2-in-1 edition that includes a bonus western romance novella by Sara Richardson!

Once a bad boy...
Ben Monroe was the ultimate bad boy-and everyone in Haller Creek knew it. But now as a sheriff's deputy, Ben spends his time breaking up bar fights rather than starting them, and staying away from trouble...until Becca Henderson comes back into town. She's just as beautiful as Ben remembers-and just as far out of his reach.

Coming home is exactly what Becca Henderson needed. A place of her own, a successful new business, and a chance to reconnect with the sexy cowboy she had a crush on in school. Ben has always blazed his own path and never let anyone stand in his way. It excites-and scares-her. But when an unexpected threat surfaces, Becca will see just how far Ben will go to protect the woman he loves-and fight for their chance at forever. 
Cowboy on My Mind
Montana Strong #1
R.C. Ryan
Pub Date: 6/26/18
Genre: Western Romance
Rating: 5/5
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I knew Cowboy on My Mind was a winner from the start of the prologue. R.C. Ryan deftly introduces the men of the Montana Strong series with a little background on how everyone came to find a place on Monroe ranch. Any story that begins with a selfless act deserves time and consideration and Cowboy on My Mind is so worth it!

This is one of those tender, sweet romances underscored by passion. Ben Monroe is moving beyond his childhood reputation of a "hell-raiser". When the girl he's always had a bit of a crush on moves back to town the sparks between them come to life. Becca Henderson moves back to town with dreams of remaining independent of her parents and starting a successful business, but a mysterious shooter could derail all her progress. Becca is one of those heroines that sees beyond outward appearances and town gossip. She trusts Ben with her protection even when her parents, her father especially, talk him down and never let him forget his past misbehavior.

I'm not crazy about love at first sight types of romances, but this story is so much more than that. It's an undeniably saccharine blend of long-time crush and small-town romance with a little suspense thrown in for good measure. Even though it's easy for Ben and Becca to fall into a relationship there are outside forces that try to keep them apart. Overall, the two are not blind to their attraction and have few hangups when giving in to that attraction. I love their interactions because they're so honest with each other and share so many tender moments that gave me thundering butterflies. There's just something about a reformed bad boy with the heart of a protector that I always enjoy reading about.

Life on the Monroe ranch is idyllic and a big part of the story. Ben and his two younger brothers found a home and lifelong mentors there. For Becca, Monroe Ranch becomes a safe haven and source of inspiration. It's one of those places that exist only in imagination, but you feel welcome every time you pick up a Montana Strong novel. I can't wait to come back for another visit because there's so much more to enjoy!

*ARC provided in consideration for review*

Look for THE COWBOY NEXT DOOR (Montana Strong #2), early 2019!

Everyone wants a piece of Jaden Alexander. Ever since the famous "Snowboarding Cowboy" took a near-fatal spill on live television, he's been hounded by the media. Every reporter in the country wants an exclusive interview with the chiseled Olympic heartthrob. But only one of them has the easygoing charm-and breathtaking beauty-to knock Jaden off balance . . . 

Kate Livingston isn't looking for a scoop. As senior editor for Adrenaline Junkie magazine, she's testing out camping gear on the Colorado Trail when Jaden's rescue dog Bella seeks refuge in her tent. Before she knows it, Kate is face to face with the world's sexiest snow-riding cowboy-and the biggest opportunity of her career. But getting close to Jaden isn't justabout her job, and for the first time ever Kate has no idea how this story will end.
Rocky Mountain Cowboy
Rocky Mountain Riders Novella
Sara Richardson
Pub Date: 7/17/18
Forever Yours
Genre: Western Romance
Rating: 5/5
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Rocky Mountain Cowboy is a novella featured in a special edition of Cowboy on My Mind by R.C. Ryan. Set in the world of Sara Richardson's Rocky Mountain Riders series, readers are welcomed back to Topaz Falls, Colorado. The story is as sweet as it is full of sexy cowboys and big-hearted heroines, and perfect for an introduction to this series!

Sara Richardson does an excellent job of quickly immersing readers, new and old, into the Rocky Mountain Riders world. Characters from previous books were smoothly introduced as Jaden and Kate's story took center stage. Rocky Mountain Cowboy has an adventurous air and by the time you finish reading it you're planning a trip to the Coloradan mountains! I felt like I was breathing the same crisp, fresh air as Jaden because that's how alive the setting is. Based on how easily I got emotionally attached to the characters gives me hope for diving head-first into the series. This heat-filled western romance has done nothing but get me excited for the upcoming True-Blue Cowboy! I highly recommend to fans of A.J. Pine and R.C. Ryan because there's something about tough cowboys with emotional depth that you cannot miss out on!

Rocky Mountain Riders Series:



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