Monday, July 30, 2018

Project Earth Continues with Keepers (Review)

Two sisters, one from a megacity and one from the wilderness, work together to protect the wilderness and the reintroduction of wolves from a group more interested in private property than public good.

In a future Earth that's run by brilliant green cities separated by open land held in common for the good of wild things, two sisters must work together across and between the vastly different environments to root out dangers to both. They must protect the cities and the wild from the Returners, who prefer the toxic past to the difficult present. The older sister, Lou, her protector Shuska, and biologist friend Matchiko have reputations as successful rugged environmentalists. They must stay safe, listen, work, and sleuth out hidden nests of Returners. Oh, and save a few wolves along the way. In the meantime, Lou's younger sister, Coryn, is learning that working for the most powerful woman behind the scenes in a megacity is far harder than it looks. When the Returners threaten the city, the sisters must find a way to preserve both their ways of life. 

Keepers asks, Do humans have enough creativity, responsibility, and generosity to survive?
Project Earth #2
Brenda Cooper
Pub Date: July 31, 2018
Genre: Science Fiction
Rating: 3/5
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Brenda Coopers returns to a future earth where megacities are protected by domes and the Outside is filled with those who want to take revenge upon the cities for a lost way of life. Coryn and her older sister Lou have stepped into roles that will help shape the future of the Wilding and the cities.

While the story is an extension of the first, Wilders, the excitement of adventure and discovery gets lost in the politics and speculation of the world. Keepers dives deeper into the issues raised in the first novel, yet still doesn't provide a satisfying solution to the characters' needs. The main focus is to root out the Returners who attack the city through technological and physical means. While fighting the greater fight Lou is determined to not forget her purpose for going Outside in the first place. I do appreciate the insight we get into Lou's character, because before she was the elusive older sister who put trust in the wrong people. Now, she has the means to continue Wilding while also aiding the cities, and Coryn.

Coryn's side of the story didn't really appeal to me this time. After all the work she did to prove her mettle in Wilders, it seems like she's now floundering under pressure. She works with Julianna learning about the people with power within the city, but she doesn't take initiative and push for more power or action. It's like the loss of her goal, which was to find Lou Outside, has made her a vessel for the wishes of everyone around her. I never sensed that she desired anything for herself, above protecting the cities.

If there's another story in the Project Earth series I hope to see it come full circle. Coryn and Lou are two strong characters who get pushed to the background while others take hold of their destiny. I'd like to see them take charge, especially because it seems as though Coryn was being groomed for a greater role.
*ARC provided in consideration for review*


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