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Garden of Thorns Sequel is to DIE For! (Review)

Like flowers denied water, people are wilting under the emperor's tyranny.

Rose will not rest until the Gardener is dead. But there are bigger battles to fight, and Rayce—leader of the rebellion and the only man Rose has ever loved—believes their best chance at winning the war is to join forces with her sworn enemy.

Saving innocent people is more important than her quest for revenge. But their new ally can’t be trusted—and he knows her darkest secret. One betrayal could leave the war and Rayce’s life hanging in the balance, and Rose will need to make the ultimate sacrifice to save them all. 
War of the Wilted
Garden of Thorns #2
Amber Mitchell
Pub Date: 10/1/18
Entangled Teen
Genre: YA Fantasy, Romance
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Amber Mitchell jumps back into the political upheaval of her YA fantasy romance series with the next amazing installment, War of the Wilted. The Zareeni rebellion is holding the Gardener captive and pumping him for an advantage over the Emperor. In a twist, Rose and Rayce are at odds and it seems as though the rebellion is heading towards its final fight with dwindling numbers and sabotaged missions.

The story picks up where Garden of Thorns ended. I would suggest a re-read of the first book just to refresh your memory on the major players and the little facts that impact the story. Rose's true identity, which she keeps a secret from everyone except Rayce, presents an internal challenge for her on top of the issues that stem from keeping the Gardener prisoner. The gamut of emotions that Rose experiences in this story kept me on the edge of my seat because her frame of mind kind of clued me in to when the plot was about to pick up or whether she was about to get herself in trouble. I constantly felt like I was waiting for the other shoe to drop as Rose struggled with the path Rayce was leading the rebellion down and what her role in the future would be if the rebellion succeeded.

War of the Wilted is heavy with action as it completes another chapter in Rose and Rayce's story. I was eager to see how this story ended and Amber Mitchell did not disappoint! There are a couple of pretty epic surprises at the end that even managed to make me gasp in wonder. This is a must-read adventure for all YA fantasy fans!
*ARC provided in consideration for review*

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The Proposal, An Exciting Follow-Up to The Wedding Date (Review)

The author of The Wedding Date serves up a novel about what happens when a public proposal doesn't turn into a happy ending, thanks to a woman who knows exactly how to make one on her own...

When someone asks you to spend your life with him, it shouldn't come as a surprise--or happen in front of 45,000 people.

When freelance writer Nikole Paterson goes to a Dodgers game with her actor boyfriend, his man bun, and his bros, the last thing she expects is a scoreboard proposal. Saying no isn't the hard part--they've only been dating for five months, and he can't even spell her name correctly. The hard part is having to face a stadium full of disappointed fans...

At the game with his sister, Carlos Ibarra comes to Nik's rescue and rushes her away from a camera crew. He's even there for her when the video goes viral and Nik's social media blows up--in a bad way. Nik knows that in the wilds of LA, a handsome doctor like Carlos can't be looking for anything serious, so she embarks on an epic rebound with him, filled with food, fun, and fantastic sex. But when their glorified hookups start breaking the rules, one of them has to be smart enough to put on the brakes...

The Proposal
Jasmine Guillory
Pub Date: 10/30/18
Berkley Books
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5/5
Amazon | B&N | Kobo | Audiobook

Jasmine Guillory once again invites readers into a romance that will tickle your funny bone and make you melt into a puddle of sweet chocolate. The Proposal is just as charming and captivating as The Wedding Date!

From the unconventional proposal and subsequent meltdown, this story will draw you in and not release it's hold on you until the end! Nikole and Carlos are perfect for each other because they're opposites and both down to earth. Carlos is a bigger character than I ever could have imagined he would be when he was first introduced in The Wedding Date, but I loved getting to know him and seeing a different side of him.
Both characters have depth and keep the story interesting as their layers are peeled away.

I loved that the story introduces completely new characters on top of bringing back Alexa and Drew in a couple of scenes. Nikole's quirky friends add to the sass and humor while Carlos brings a more emotional layer to the story. His deep connection with his family shows his soft heart and may just bring a few tears to readers' eyes. The Proposal will read nicely as a standalone, but you might as well read The Wedding Date because it's just as awesome!
*ARC provided via First to Read in consideration for review*

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Cut and Run, A Dark Romantic Suspense You Can't Miss (Review)

Twin sisters separated by the past are reunited by unspeakable crimes in New York Times bestselling author Mary Burton’s throat-clutching novel of suspense…

Trauma victims are not new to medical examiner Faith McIntyre, but this one is different. The unconscious woman clinging to life after a hit and run is FBI agent Macy Crow. What the woman from Quantico was doing in a dark alley after midnight is just one mystery. The other is more unsettling: Macy is Faith’s mirror image—the twin sister she never knew she had.

Faith knew that she was adopted, but now she’s finding that her childhood concealed other secrets. Following the trail of clues Macy left behind, Faith and Texas Ranger Mitchell Hayden make a shocking discovery on an isolated country ranch—a burial ground for three women who disappeared thirty years before.

They weren’t the only victims in a killer’s twisted plot. And they won’t be the last.

As the missing pieces of Faith’s and Macy’s dark lives snap into place, Faith is becoming more terrified by what she sees—and by what she must do to save her sister and herself from the past.
Cut and Run
Mary Burton
Pub Date: 10/9/18
Montlake Romance
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Rating: 5/5
Amazon | B&N | Audiobook

Mary Burton proves herself to be an author worth taking note of in her masterful suspense, Cut and Run. Medical examiner Faith McIntyre's world is shaken when she discovers the secrets her parents kept regarding her adoption lead to a twin sister who has just landed in the hospital as the victim of a hit and run. Macy and Faith's connection to another victim lead Texas Ranger Mitchell Hayden deeper into a dark world of kidnapped women and hush-hush adoptions.

The story immediately draws readers into the mystery as a potential lead is found tortured and dead. Mitchell Hayden takes the reins and quickly and brings Faith into the investigation. Even though Faith has possible personal ties to the case she still makes it clear that once she's invested she's seeing it through to the end. I loved both Mitchell and Faith because they're driven and focused on the case, despite personal trauma. I thought it very interesting that they had a physical arrangement that didn't involve any labels and kept it professional around others. It was a positive change of pace from romantic suspense plagued with instant attraction story lines. There wasn't any angsty drama between the two struggling to figure out their relationship, so the plot was absolutely driven by suspense.

Cut and Run is a dark romantic suspense you just can't miss! Mary Burton guides readers through a plot that leads to a satisfying end that has just the right amount of closure and still allows the characters' futures to be left up to conjecture. It's perfect for fans of Rita Herron or Cynthia Eden! If any of her stories are like Cut and Run, I'm definitely looking forward to reading more!
*ARC provided in consideration for review*

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BLOG TOUR: Make Me Fall by Sara Rider (Review + Giveaway)

Enemies make the worst neighbors, but the best lovers 

After losing her job, her home, and her friends in her divorce, Nora Pitts is determined not to make the same mistakes when she starts over in the small town of Shadow Creek, Washington. No more slaving away in the lab at the expense of her social life, and definitely no more men. Ever. But making friends in her thirties is so much harder than she anticipated. And when it comes to her gorgeous yet obnoxious neighbor, it’s a whole lot easier to make enemies. 

Eli Hardin doesn’t have a lot of sympathy for his uptight neighbor, until he overhears her so-called new friends making fun of her un-datable status. Suddenly he finds himself volunteering for a date with a woman who’s been leaving angry hate-notes in his mailbox, and in way over his head. Because all it takes is one disastrous date with Nora for Eli to fall hard. 

But falling for Eli isn’t something Nora’s ready for—not when he’s her complete opposite, and especially not when he turns out to be the best friend she’s made in Shadow Creek. But as her attraction and her feelings for Eli grow hotter, resisting him might just lead to heartbreak anyway. 
Make Me Fall
Books and Brews #2
Sara Rider
Pub Date: 9/24/18
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4/5
Amazon | B&N | Kobo | iBooks

Make Me Fall is a cozy contemporary romance that is perfect to fall into! Sara Rider introduces readers to a broken heroine and the handsome man who helps put her back together. Interestingly, both Nora and Eli have something to overcome in order to move forward with their lives so it's definitely a give and take relationship.

Eli started out as the noisy neighbor who antagonized Nora to her wits end. In a twist of events, Eli defends Nora's honor and gets a date out of it. From enemy neighbors to tentative friends, maybe Eli isn't as bad as Nora thought. I love the slow burn romance that develops as they get to know each other and Eli helps draw Nora out of her shell. The story jumps right to the point by explaining Nora's situation and how she's coping. It's easy to see the change that she undergoes as Eli brings her into his world. She learns to stand up for herself and to relax more.

Make Me Fall is both sweet and sexy. Fans of Jennifer Probst will no doubt enjoy this down to earth romance!
*ARC provided in consideration for review*

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Sara Rider writes contemporary romance full of heart, heat, and happily ever after. She lives in British Columbia with her husband and daughters. She spends far too much time in public libraries and never leaves the home without her e-reader stuffed in her purse.


BLOG TOUR: Celebrate the Release of Butterfly Ops!

What's a superheroine to do when her super soldier ex turns up alive after more than fifteen years? 

Lyndsey doesn't have much time to walk down memory lane before she and Ian find themselves thrown together to investigate the mysterious deaths of ten young men in the Canadian wilderness. How do such seemingly normal, healthy men's hearts just...stop? 

With the hint of an evil spirit in the wind--and a whole lot of butterflies--there's no telling what Lyndsey and Ian are dealing with, including their own extensive baggage. Though seventeen years is a lot of life to live, there's one thing they can't deny: their attraction is as intense as ever. But is it just a spark that will burn itself out, or is it true love bringing them back together? When the force they're hunting turns its sights on them, the leap of faith required far exceeds either of their powers. But worrying about their future might be premature because one wrong move and they might not make it out alive.

Butterfly Ops
Book #1
Jen Doyle
Pub Date: 9/24/18
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Romance
Amazon | B&N | Kobo | iBooks


Of course, in all the years since the night they’d broken up, Lyndsey had realized it went a lot further than him just trying to get her to leave; he’d probably had a much better sense of what was to come after he did. Asking Lyndsey to come with him had been Ian’s last resort, what he’d fallen back on when she’d refused to back down. But remembering that about him—understanding how deeply he’d wanted to protect Lyndsey that night, it wasn’t too hard to guess what the last fight with his wife was about. “You wanted her to stay home. You didn’t want her on that flight.”
“I wanted her to be the one who didn’t die,” he snapped. Then, clearly aware of how defensive he sounded, his voice grew quiet. “It was one of those things you say in the heat of it all, just to make someone mad.” He paused before adding, “But I was too damn proud to give in. Biggest mistake I ever made in my life. Thought I couldn’t top the one I made with you. It turns out I was wrong.”  
When he looked up there were tears in his eyes. His hand was right there, resting next to hers. How could she not reach out to him? She couldn’t help it any longer.  “Ian...”   
She supposed it wasn’t a shock that he pulled his hand back. The only real surprise was that he didn’t walk away— and that he actually kept talking.
“It took a few months for it to fully hit. I totally lost it at Jack’s first birthday party. It was the first time they let Matt leave the hospital. Saw him in that wheelchair and whammo.” The detachment was back; there was even a touch of the self-deprecating thing Ian was so good at. “Handed Jack over to my mom and barely made it upstairs. It wasn’t pretty. Mom’s been here ever since. My dad retired two years later and came east. There you have it.” He spread his hands open wide. “No more secrets.”
“I don’t know what to say,” Lyndsey said quietly. “I’m so sorry.”
He picked up his beer bottle and tossed it across the deck, sinking it perfectly into the trashcan. There was the sound of the glass shattering. “Yeah. So… Eight and a half years. The first few were hell. It’s gotten better.”
“Thus all the women in your life,” Lyndsey said, surprising herself with the words she’d just spoken out loud. 
Now why would she go and say that? There was nothing but bad there.
He raised his eyebrows in a ‘Really?’ kind of way. Part amused, part irritated, Ian answered, “I’ve got plenty of women in my life.”
“Your kids, your mom, Matt’s wife. Seems you’re missing a biggie.” 
And, no, she had absolutely nothing invested in the response to that.
“You, too?” He seemed to be looking around for something else to throw. “I don’t need anyone else trying to fix me up. I’m perfectly—” 
“Happy,” she finished for him. “Yeah. That’s what I tell them, too. Doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true.” If she had to be perfectly honest.
There was a pause before he said, “So why aren’t you?” He folded his arms in front of his chest, the smile on his face saying, Dare ‘ya.  “Happy, I mean.” 
She hesitated. Hadn’t quite expected him to throw it right back at her. He’d never been one for asking questions; everyone who knew him knew that.
“Thinking about changing the subject?” he said, his smile broadening. “Unh-uh. Your turn.”
Talk about busted. Darn it. She shrugged. “I’ve been in love three times. I know what it feels like. I don’t want to settle.”
“Three times, huh?” Though his arms stayed folded, he turned so he was leaning sideways against the wall, facing her. “You’ve got me beat by one.”
She got caught up for a minute, lost in his eyes, thinking about how much she wanted to kiss him.  
Stop thinking about kissing him.  
It wasn’t her usual practice to jump on someone the moment he entered her vicinity, even if he happened to be in the small club of men she’d had an actual relationship with—a real, honest-to-goodness relationship. Not the marking time one like she’d been in with Steve for the past several months.  
But her body was busy making the point that it never had the chance to properly say good-bye. Never had that one last tender kiss, one last caress. Not even a run-of-the-mill hug.  
The nearness of him now did nothing to ease the ache. Really—all she wanted was good-bye. The fact that she was at a point in her life where the whole second chance thing had better odds? She wasn’t going to entertain the thought. Couldn’t. No siree.
She made herself blink and look away. “I should probably tell you I’m sorry for asking, but...” Well...  “I’m not.”
He grinned. “You know? It actually feels good to talk about her. I don’t much, not to an adult at least.”
Lyndsey realized she was fidgeting—running her hands down her thighs towards her knees, letting her feet kick against the wall. Very deliberately, she rested her hands alongside of her, flat on the ledge. “You talk to your kids about her? You don’t avoid answering their questions?”
He shook his head. “I swore to myself the night Abby died that I’d never hold anything back from my kids. And these days I pretty much say what’s on my mind no matter how dumb it sounds. Learned that lesson the hard way.”
Good policy, she thought, especially because it opened him up to the question: “So what’s on your mind right now?” she asked quietly. Breathlessly.
He looked at her and then, cheeks reddening, quickly turned away.
“Set myself up for that one, didn’t I?” Ian said it almost under his breath, as though he were laughing at himself. Placing his hands on the ledge, he looked past the buildings to the river. “I’m thinking it was really nice to talk to you about Abby. That it’s been too long since I’ve done that.” He hesitated and then bowed his head, adding softly, “And that it seems like a total betrayal of her memory, but all I want to do right now is kiss you.” He turned back to her. “It’s all I’ve wanted to do since the moment I saw you.”
Not wanting to wait another second, Lyndsey put her hands on his face and drew him to her. After a moment’s hesitation, his hands were on her waist, on her hips, and his mouth opened. It didn’t take long for his tongue to find all the old, familiar places.  

Who was she kidding? Forget good-bye. Hello. Good. Freaking. Lord. 


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A big believer in happily ever afters, Jen Doyle decided it was high time she started creating some. CALLING IT, her four-book baseball/contemporary romance/romantic comedy series, has been winning awards since its inception, the most recent being the 2017 Best Banter Contest for Calling It and a nomination for the 2017 Harlequin Hero of the Year for Called Out. She also wrote the acclaimed HANSONS OF ST. HELENA series of novellas in the St. Helena Vineyard Kindle World. Butterfly Ops: Book One is the first installment of the BUTTERFLY OPS trilogy, an epic love story and her first in the paranormal realm.

Jen has an M.S. in Library and Information Science and, in addition to her work as a librarian, has worked as a conference and events planner as well as an administrator in both preschool and higher education environments (although some might say that there is very little difference between the two; Jen has no comment regarding whether she is one of the “some”). She is a member of the Romance Writers of America and is represented by Sarah E. Younger of the Nancy Yost Literary Agency.

Connect with Jen Doyle: Website Facebook | Twitter GoodreadsAmazon | BookBubPinterest

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Can't Get Enough of Carolyn Brown's Cowboys!

New York Times bestselling author Carolyn Brown delivers a sweet cowboy romance with a heart bigger than Texas itself.

This knight in shining armor wears cowboy boots
Patience was never one of her virtues. After her SUV runs off the road in the middle of a Texas blizzard and her cell stops working, Claire Mason is about to snap. Getting back home to Oklahoma with her four-year-old niece is top priority. And lucky for her, help comes in the form of a true Texas cowboy...

Levi Jackson has always been a sucker for strays. So he can't help getting involved when he comes across Claire and her little niece shivering in the cold. By offering them a place to stay until her car is fixed, he can make sure the two are taken care of - and get to know the sassy Claire better.

What starts as something awkward and temporary starts feeling cozier by the minute. And soon Levi is hoping he can convince Claire she has a permanent place in his heart.

Plus, bonus story "O Little Town of Bramble" by Katie Lane!
All Ethan Miller wants for Christmas is to celebrate in Bramble, Texas, with family and friends. But when his childhood neighbor comes home for the holiday, Ethan realizes that the girl-next-door could be the girl of his dreams.

Cowboy Honor
Longhorn Canyon #2
Carolyn Brown
Pub Date: 9/25/18
Genre: Western Romance
Rating: 4/5
Amazon | B&N | Kobo | Audiobook

Carolyn Brown heads back to the Longhorn Canyon Ranch as cowboy Levi rescues a woman and her niece, bringing them into the warm atmosphere of a growing family. Cowboy Honor is a wonderful western romance that will light you up from the inside out!

From the cozy winter landscape to the sassy five year old, Zaylie, Cowboy Honor is the perfect read to escape into. While Claire is a bit similar to Retta, in that they're both fiercely independent, it doesn't take much for Levi to draw her out and overcome that particular issue. There's a trademark sweetness with Carolyn Brown's romances that stem from the ease in which the characters fall in love. Yes, there are insecurities and doubts about true love, but in the end it works out, not just for the main characters, but their extended family as well.

Cowboy Honor didn't have the same level of drama as Cowboy Bold, but the mix of Zaylie's big personality and the animals that make appearances throughout the story was enough to make up for it. There's one more cowboy bachelor left on the ranch and even he is starting to wonder about settling down. I can't wait for Justin's story in Cowboy Brave!
*ARC provided in consideration for review*

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The Highland Chieftain (Review)

He is the last man she would ever marry…
After being unceremoniously jilted by her betrothed, Lady Mairi MacKenzie is humiliated and heartbroken – but she’s not desperate. As the daughter of an earl, she won’t give her hand to just anyone, and she definitely isn’t swayed by a last-minute proposal from Laird Duncan MacRae. The powerful clan chieftain may be disarmingly handsome and charming, but he’s not a nobleman. Mairi doesn’t want his pity or his charity – even though his dark smoldering gaze makes her melt with desire.

She is the only woman he could ever love…
Dunn may be a battle-hardened clansman, but he’s always had a soft spot for Mairi. For years, she tormented him with flirtation – only to reject him. But he’s not giving up. When Mairi is attacked by redcoats, Dunn goes after the woman he loves. Through brute strength and fierce action, he will protect her life at any cost. But to win her heart, he will have to show her the tenderness in his own. 
The Highland Chieftain
Lords of the Highlands #4
Amy Jarecki
Pub Date: 7/31/18
Genre: Historical Romance
Rating: 3/5
Amazon | B&N | Kobo | Audiobook

New to the world of Amy Jarecki I didn't know what to expect going into the fourth Lords of the Highlands novel. The Highland Chieftain isn't as compelling as Laird of the Black Isle by Paula Quinn, or as heart-pounding as The Thorn and the Thistle by Julie Moffett, but it falls somewhere just in between. With two amazing, compelling characters I knew I had to see their story through and I'm glad I did.

Mairi and Duncan are emotionally in two different places at the beginning of the story. It's an adventure in itself for them to find their way to the same page, but once they do they're an unstoppable force! Their slow-burn romance lights up the story and really makes The Highland Chieftain one to read.

Scottish romances are great when the author strikes the right balance of politics, romance, and adventure. Amy Jarecki had a great idea overall but the plot was missing the wow factor. The highlight for me was definitely the two fiery characters who never gave up hope for a happily ever after. In retrospect, maybe jumping into the series at book number four was a missed opportunity to understand the setting and dynamic with secondary characters. If you love historical romances set in Scotland, then add this to TBR!
*ARC provided in consideration for review*

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BLOG TOUR: Life on the Leash by Victoria Schade (Giveaway)

Must Love Dogs meets My Not So Perfect Life in this hilarious romantic comedy about a dog trainer who’s a master at managing her four-legged friends, but when it comes to her love life...let’s just say she still has a lot to learn.

Cora Bellamy is a woman who thrives on organization. She’s successfully run her own dog training business for years, perfectly content with her beloved rescue pitbull as the main man in her life. She’s given everything to her business, and her lack of social life (or slobber-free clothes) has been completely worth it.

But all that changes when she meets Charlie Gill, the hottest client she’s ever had. The only problem? Charlie’s taken. Luckily, Cora has a new friend—the sweet, lovably geeky Eli Crawford. More loyal than a retriever, he’s always there to help Cora with her problems, including her love life. That’s why she’s shocked to realize that even as things start heating up with Charlie, there might just be a more-than-friends spark between her and Eli, too.

As Cora’s life gets more tangled up than a dogwalker’s leashes—and as she prepares to audition for a dog-training TV show that may irrevocably change her entire life—she has to figure things out before it all goes straight to the dogs.

Charming, witty, and warm-hearted, Life on the Leash inspires you to cheer for every underdog looking for love.
Life on the Leash
Victoria Schade
Pub Date: 9/18/18
Gallery Books
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Amazon | B&N | Kobo | Audiobook


Life on the Leash is definitely a book for dog lovers! I'm so excited to be able to give you all a chance to win a copy yourselves! Must be a US resident. Giveaway open from 9/16/18 to 9/22/18 11:59 pm EST. Winner's info will be forwarded to publicist to deliver prize. Fill out the Rafflecopter below to enter:

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Victoria Schade is an author, speaker and dog trainer known for her upbeat approach to living and working with dogs. She’s published two books, “Bonding With Your Dog; A Trainer’s Secrets for Building a Better Relationship” and “Secrets of a Dog Trainer: Positive Problem Solving for a Well-Behaved Dog.” LIFE ON THE LEASH is her first novel.

She’s a frequent resource for the media, including the CBS Early ShowThe ViewWEtv, and FOX. Victoria has been featured in The Washington PostMartha Stewart LivingReal Simple MagazineReader’s DigestThe Bark, and many dog-specific publications. She currently serves as a pet expert for petMD and PawCulture, writing training and behavior content and appearing in educational videos.

Connect with Victoria: Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

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Clear Your Shelf Giveaway - Enter to win BIG!

I have 3 mystery romance ARCs up for grabs this month! That's right, three books, three winners! Plus a $10 Amazon gift card for a fourth winner! This giveaway is for US entrants only. Entries will be accepted between 9/15 and 9/30; 11:59 PM EST.
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BLOG TOUR: Forever Theirs by Katee Robert

Have you discovered THE THALANIAN DYNASTY series by NYT Bestselling Author Katee Robert? 
In FOREVER THEIRS an exiled prince, his bodyguard and the woman they can’t seem to leave alone, must return home to clear his mother’s name and reclaim his crown. Fans of Laura Kaye’s THEIR’S TO TAKE or Sierra Simone’s AMERICAN QUEEN will devour this cinderella-esque ménage.
Start reading the series for FREE! Download THEIRS FOR THE NIGHT, the novella that introduces you to Theo, Galen, and Meg for FREE at: 

Add THEIRS FOR THE NIGHT and FOREVER THEIRS to your TBR pile on Goodreads then keep reading to get a sneak peek excerpt and your chance enter the giveaway to win one of TEN (10) eBook copies of FOREVER THEIRS! 


Meg Sanders enjoyed her wild night with a prince and his bodyguard—but now she’s moving on. She has enough problems without borrowing the kind of trouble Theo brings just by being who he is. But no matter how determined she is to leave that night a fond memory, she hasn’t seen the last of Theo and Galen…

Galen Mikos's life boils down to one goal. Keep Theo alive. But as long as Theo draws breath, he’s a threat to the powers that have taken over Thalania—and anyone they associate with runs the risk of becoming a target, too. Galen will never forgive himself if they let their selfish desire for Meg puts her in danger. But it might already be too late…

Theo Fitzcharles might be an exiled prince, but he doesn’t intend to stay that way. He’s only concerned with one thing—clearing his mother’s name and reinstating himself as Crown Prince of Thalania. There’s no room in that plan for distraction, especially when it makes him forget himself the way Meg does. But after spending one perfect night with her and his best friend, Theo has no intention of leaving her alone. 

Even if it damns all three of them in the process.
Forever Theirs
Thalanian Dynasty #1
Katee Robert
Pub Date: 9/10/18
Amazon | B&N | Kobo | iTunes


Copyright © 2018 Katee Robert

She wanted this. All of it. The reservations that clung to her like cobwebs from the moment she decided on this path went up in flames. Who the fuck cared what the future brought? They had right now, and right now Meg needed these two men. She needed to be with them together and separate and to be able to watch at her leisure just like she was now.
Except the feeling pounding through her blood wasn’t leisure.
It was desperation.
“Theo.” Her voice came out hoarse and broke in the middle of his name so she swallowed and tried again. “Theo, please.”
He rolled onto his side and ran a hand down Galen’s chest. Galen stretched into the touch, a giant wolf of a man. “She said please.”
“It was such a nice please, too.” Theo grinned, his blue eyes hot on her. “Apparently she liked the show.”
“Mmmm.” A word that meant everything and nothing.
Theo gave a stretch of his own and rolled off the bed. He offered Galen a hand and hauled him to his feet. “You’ve held on this long, princess. Hold on a bit longer.” And then the bastard walked into the bathroom. Seconds later, the shower turned on.
Galen stared after him and then spun on his heel and stalked toward her. She lost sight of him as he moved behind her, and Meg forced herself not to try to twist to follow his movement. It wouldn’t work and she’d look like an idiot. She couldn’t stop the shivers of need racking her body, though.
“Desperate little mouse.” And then his voice was in her ear, its vibrations drawing her nipples to hard peaks. He ducked under her arm and sat on the edge of the bed. “Spread.”
Meg nearly sagged in relief and then scrambled to obey. She spread her legs wide, fighting to keep from cursing him for taking so long to touch her. 
He saw it, though. Of course he did. He reached down and pushed his middle finger into her, cupping her pussy with his big hand. “Do. Not. Move.”
She bit her bottom lip, half sure she’d taste blood. Her need pulsed through her like a live thing, demanding she take this pleasure and grind against his palm until she orgasmed. She was so turned on, it would take a grand total of five second and it would all be over.
Galen’s lips twitched. “Good girl.” He withdrew slowly and pumped his finger back into her. “You like this.”
“Yes.” She vibrated with the need to move, pleasure dancing closer with each drag of the pad of his finger over the spot deep inside her. “Galen, I’m—”
“Don’t you dare come,” his voice lashed her, sharp enough to fight back the budding orgasm. “You take what we give you, mouse, and you don’t have permission to come.”
It took her three tries to find her words. “I don’t think I’m into BDSM.”
“BDSM?” He smirked. “Baby, this isn’t even close. You broke the rules, and that deserves a punishment.” He kept fucking her slowly with his finger, his forbidding gaze daring her to break his command. “Do you feel contrite, mouse?”
“Yes,” she sobbed. “Galen, please, I’m so close, please.”
His expression softened and, for one eternal heartbeat, she thought he would be merciful. “No.” He gave her one last pump and withdrew. Holding her gaze, he lifted his hand and sucked his middle finger into his mouth, tasting her. She moaned, a desperate animal sound that Meg couldn’t have controlled if she’d tried—and she didn’t even think to try.
“Mmmm.” He looked down his body, and she followed his gaze to where his cock was hard once more. “How close are you to coming, mouse?”
“Close,” she whispered.
He stood and pressed a devastatingly soft kiss to her mouth. “Good.” Galen sifted gentle fingers through her hair, his dark eyes unforgiving. “Next time you get off to the idea of me watching you while you fuck Theo, you better make damn sure I’m in the room.” He brushed his lips against her forehead. “I’m going into that shower and I’m going to brace Theo against the wall, and then I’m going take his ass. He always loses his mind when I hit the right spot, and you’ll hear him moaning though you won’t get the same show you did just now.”
Her throat tried to close and her eyes burned. “Galen, I’m sorry.”
There it was again, that softening that hit her like a sucker punch. He smoothed her hair back. “I’m not. I’m just as much of a selfish bastard as Theo is, and I’m not sorry that he reeled you back in and that you’re stuck with us for the time being.” He gave her a slow smile that held a hint of meanness despite looking at her like he wanted to devour her whole. “But I’m a spiteful asshole and so, fuck yeah, I’m going to punish your pretty pussy until you’re begging for mercy, and we’re all three of us going to enjoy every minute of it.” He laughed, low and sinful. “Well, I’m going to enjoy every minute of it. You’re going to stand here and suffer a little bit longer before you earn that reward of yours.”
He dropped to his knees, hitched her right leg over his shoulder and then his mouth was on her, fucking her pussy the same way he’d fucked her with his finger. Warm and wet and wanton, moving up to tongue her clit in deliciously slow circles designed to make her loose her mind.
He told her not to come.
Meg bit her bottom lip again, harder this time, fighting against that slow slide toward oblivion. She couldn’t help it. It was too good and on the heels of his harsh words, too damn forbidden. Her hands flailing in the cuffs, grasping at air as her knees went out, and then Galen was holding her weight, lifting her to his mouth to get better access.
Oh god, she was going to orgasm.
She writhed, planting her free foot against his shoulder and kicked, wrenching him away from her. He hit the bed and the bastard had a shit-eating grin on his face. He swiped a thumb across his bottom lip. “Good girl.”
He ducked back under her arm and gave her ass a stinging slap. And then he was gone, disappearing after Theo into the bathroom. Several long minutes later, low moans echoed through the space, proof that Galen was as good as his word.
Meg sagged in her cuffs. She closed her eyes, her pussy pulsing in time with her racing heart, her body crying from adverted pleasure. She should hate them. She should scream and fight and curse until they let her down so she could suffer the rest of her humiliation in peace.
And yet…
She shivered, the faint sound of flesh meeting flesh coming from the bathroom. Of Galen fucking Theo. She could see it perfectly in her mind, exactly as he’d described. Theo’s hands braced on the wall, Galen’s on Theo. His big cock disappearing into Theo’s ass with each savage thrust. Meg moaned and her hips moved of their own volition, seeking friction, practically humping the air with her need. 
The shower turned off.

She opened her eyes as, seconds later, Theo and Galen strode back into the room. Galen took up a nearly identical position as he’d been in when she walked into the room, against the head of the bed, one hand tucked casually behind his head. The only difference was that he was gloriously naked now. Theo moved behind her, a presence she felt even before he stroked his hands over her body, along her sides up to cup her breasts and then back down to her hips, one dipping to explore her pussy. “Poor Meg. Aching and empty and teased until pleasure becomes pain. You’ve suffered admirably, and you’ve followed our Galen’s orders so sweetly.” His thumb brushed her clit and he pressed his body against her back. “Are you ready for your reward, princess?”


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